Industrial Panel PCs as a configurable basic version

Our product portfolio not only offers robust and reliable industrial panel PCs, industrial PCs and industrial monitors, but also holistic solution concepts perfectly tailored to your needs. The holistic solution concepts are based on configurable standard designs that are available in various Panel PC series. The flagship of our portfolio is the modular “S-Line” in a robust aluminium construction. With two additional PCI slots, the S-Line enables other peripheral devices to be installed quickly.

Industrial Panel PC according to your requirements

Regardless of whether it's a panel PC or an industrial monitor - our "S-Line" is available to you as a touch, multitouch and / or keyboard device in various display sizes. All versions, from one-off to series production, allow use in particularly harsh environments.

The devices are fully IP65 protected, have an overhang-free, easy-to-clean all-glass surface and are designed for use directly in the field.

Flexibility of the Industrial Panel PC Touch ideal for automation

Due to the high flexibility, the industrial panel PCs of the "S-Line" series can be used for the operation, programming, visualization, long-term archiving and simulation of processes in all areas of automation and also with conventional industrial controls or PLCs combined.

All versions, from one-off to series production, are designed for all areas of industry - together with you we create your Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment.

Modular connection system thanks to the universal flat panel adapter

With the help of our connection adapter (Flat Panel Adapter), the panel PC can be easily mounted on support arm systems. The connection to the 48 millimetre thick support tube (shown GTH 48 easy) can be carried out by just one person. Alternatively, mounting is possible using a VESA mount. Our innovative connection concept offers unprecedented convenience. With us you will find the industrial panel PC that fits your applications perfectly.

Modular connection system thanks to the universal flat panel adapter

High availability through the patented Panel Adapter

The patented panel adapter with quick-change device "QuickLock" minimizes downtime due to malfunctions and saves valuable production time, because production time is money and downtime due to malfunctions is very expensive. A panel change can be done without tools and by just one person in 30 seconds, thanks to the panel adapter. Simply plug on, snap in: done. The stand and support arm can be mechanically mounted with different turning and tilting angles.

The connections and interfaces of the industrial panel PC are easily accessible in the large, lockable connection area and are securely protected against unauthorized persons. The device ID and / or the configuration data of the operator station are saved with the aid of a storage medium located in the connection area of the support arm system. This means that there is no loss of time during setup, since the panel PC jumps back to the point (approx. ten seconds) before the error has occurred.

Text and Image - Technical data of the industrial panel PCs

  • Long-term available components
  • Service-friendly construction
  • CPU from Intel Pentium N4200 to Core i7 of the latest generation
  • Expandable interfaces
  • 230V / 24V DC operating voltage
  • From 20 watts power consumption
  • Various operating systems
  • Housing in 27 mm or 45 mm depth

In addition to the standard interfaces, the integration of further communication interfaces is possible.

Text and Image - Technical data of the industrial panel PCs

Display variations of the Industrial Panel PC Touch

  • 15“, 19“, 21,5“, 24“ and special-size 42“
  • Resistive or industrial PCAP touch
  • Multi-touch surface “Gorilla Glass”
  • Glove operable
  • Cleaning possible during operation
  • LED-Backlight
  • High transmission
Display variations of the Industrial Panel PC Touch

Options for Panel PCs

  • RFID-Reader
  • 2D-Scanner
  • Euchner reader
  • Bluetooth
  • Acoustic touch feedback
  • Capacitive function keys – can be individually assigned and illuminated
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Interface extensions
Options for Panel PCs

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