HV PDU | High Voltage Power Distribution Unit

High-voltage distributors for construction machinery and commercial vehicles

High-voltage distribution units (HVDU or HV-PDU) enable the electrification of construction machinery as well as commercial and municipal vehicles. In other words, all heavy vehicles on land and water that require high voltages for electric propulsion.

The HVDU (High Voltage Distribution Unit) distributes the high-voltage energy from the battery to the various components in the machine, including, for example, the inverter and motor, the charger or the rapid charging system. This high-voltage distribution unit ensures that all inputs and outputs are protected at the poles and protects the individual elements and connections from overload. At the same time, we also offer an integrated water cooling system in a particularly slim design for our high-voltage distributors, which is connected to the cooling system in the vehicle.

The areas of application for the high-voltage PDU are diverse and include construction machinery such as excavators and lorries, but also other commercial vehicles, e.g. buses or ships, which have to distribute high voltages in the corresponding high-voltage on-board power supply. They are particularly suitable for companies that require the highest quality even in demanding and harsh environments.

Our HV PDUs in construction machinery and commercial vehicles are impressive:

HVDU, HV PDU, Hochvoltverteiler, Hochvoltverteiler-Einheit

IP6K9K and safety of the HV PDU

The customisable HV PDU solutions enable efficient power distribution between all high-voltage components of the vehicle. They also offer EMC protection, various types of protection, mains cable protection and a safety cut-out.

The enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik fulfil protection class IP6K9K. This is particularly required in vehicle construction and confirms that the enclosures provide effective protection against the ingress of very fine dust such as Arizona Road Dust and water jets under high pressure or vapour jet cleaning. Compared to protection class IP69K, the IP6K9K test uses a significantly more abrasive dust to test the enclosures. This ensures that the electronic components of the HV-PDU are also protected against fine dust in road traffic.

Your customised high-voltage distributors for construction machinery and commercial vehicles are specially adapted to the intended environments and applications. Our stainless steel, polyester or aluminium enclosures in flexible dimensions are used as the basis for this, which are painted, sealed, equipped and wired according to your requirements. We can also integrate a space-saving water cooling system into the enclosure, which is connected to the vehicle’s cooling circuit.

We see ourselves not only as a supplier, but also as a solution partner. You can be sure that we will provide you with housings or complete solutions that are customised to your individual needs. To do this, we need your requirements and specifications regarding resistance, function and the vehicle components that are connected to the HV-PDU. We will be happy to advise you on the type of protection, material and optimum arrangement of components. However, the design is always carried out in close co-operation with our customers due to the high degree of individuality.

Complete solutions even for small quantities

All we need from you are the requirements for components, standards and quantities – we take care of the rest. We support you in the realisation of your ideas, design and development.

We are also happy to advise you on protection classes, vibration resistance and electronics. We also test the finished product for the aforementioned safety requirements. We offer all of this even for small quantities.

If you have any questions about high-voltage distributors, we will be happy to help you:

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Mirko Nuhanovic

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