PDU | Power Distribution Unit

Enclosure solutions for PDU systems

Climate change keeps presenting us with new challenges. In order to be able to achieve the climate goals in Europe, several million alternatively powered commercial vehicles must be put into operation by 2030.

We at ROSE Systemtechnik face up to our responsibility
and want to accompany and support the change in the vehicle industry towards more environmentally friendly technologies with innovative and sustainable housing solutions.

An important building block in the field of electric
vehicles is the electrification and energy management of commercial vehicles. This task is performed by the PDU (Power Distribution Unit). This is a high-voltage distributor that acts as the central link between the vehicle electronics and the individual units, batteries, and electric motors.

Hochvoltverteilerkästen für Fahrzeuge

The optimal housing for every area

When it comes to defying adverse environments and protecting the inside of the housing, ROSE Systemtechnik and its products are a reliable partner.

For more than 50 years, our housings have proven themselves in all sectors. Regular internal and external tests and examinations ensure the high quality of our product portfolio.

Customized enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik

We see ourselves not just as a supplier, but as a solution partner.

Talk to us and you can be sure that we will not only provide you with a product, but that we will work with you to develop the optimal solution – tailored to your individual needs.

Standard housing for every application

The standard housings from ROSE Systemtechnik are offered in a wide variety of materials and are used in many areas of application. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we know the requirements for the housing very well. Our standard housings are offered as empty housings. Thanks to the high level of availability and short delivery times, the empty housings are on site and ready for use in a timely manner.

All empty housings can be processed individually according to customer demands and assembled according to your specifications. The housing can be painted, engraved, lasered or printed with your own company logo according to your requirements.

ROSE Systemtechnik PDU housing solutions

High-quality products from a competent partner

Industry-specific certificates guaranteed (cross reference)

Sensitive operating electronics perfectly protected

A matter of course at Rose Systemtechnik

Long service life thanks to high material quality

Individual testing in the in-house laboratory

Individual housing systems for every application

Special solution made of all materials

Global production and sales network

Fast and solution-oriented response to customer inquiries

Short-term production in Germany

Short delivery time for smooth operation

What does ROSE Systemtechnik has to offer?

What approvals do we have to offer?

Katalog für Hochvoltverteiler für Busse, Bahnen und Baustellenfahrzeuge

PDU | Power Distribution Unit

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