Phoenix Mecano AG

Phoenix Mecano is a globally positioned technology enterprise active in the fields of enclosure systems and industrial components and a leader on many markets. The company focuses on professional, rational-cost manufacture of niche products and assures the trouble-free functioning of processes and connections in the mechanical engineering industry and in industrial electronics. The applications for its products include, inter alia: mechanical and plant engineering, control and instrumentation technology, medical technology, aerospace engineering, alternative energy, and the residential and care sectors.

Enclosure technology

Standard and customised aluminium, plastic, glass-fibre-reinforced polyester and stainless-steel enclosures, machine control panels and suspension systems protect sensitive electrical and electronic equipment in the fields of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, and control/instrumentation. Even under extreme conditions, high-quality membrane keypads provide a reliable “man/machine” interface.


Smart concepts resolve the ever more complex tasks for encoding switches, inductive components and plug-type connectors, backplanes, transformers and power supplies, PCB equipping and electronic order processing, up to and including all-in subsystems.

Mechanical components

Aluminium profiles, pipe-joining systems, linear drives and handling-system components assure sophisticated systematics in the design of machines and plants. Reliable, high-power servomotors and actuator units enhance comfort and convenience in the residential and care sector.