Applications of Industrial Enclosures

Our enclosure systems are used wherever sensitive electronics and other vulnerable extensions need reliable protection against external influences.

Our metal and plastic products have proven their capabilities in all industrial sectors, including mechanical engineering, transport technology and energy systems, and also in automation, for more than 50 years.

Their applications are manifold. In many cases, they are used in the most diverse sectors of mechanical engineering, where they assure production operations as classical terminal enclosures, or assist in achieving trouble-free production processes.

For installation of sensitive and complex electronics, our enclosures provide customers’ products, in the field of control and instrumentation, for example, with an individual appearance.

Practically all applications have one thing in common: they make high demands on the quality and technical properties of the enclosures.

Our comprehensive range of products includes enclosure systems in the most diverse materials and sizes, enabling us to provide our customers with a solution for every application.

Rose Systemtechnik - Standardgehäuse

Thanks to their universal design, ROSE Systemtechnik’s standard enclosures are ideal for the installation of mechanical, electrical and electronic components.

Rose Systemtechnik - Elektronikgehäuse

Developments in modern electronics are progressing ever faster. Only a few years ago, complete modules had to be housed in large electronics enclosures for space reasons, whereas now, modern enclosures continually adapt to changing needs.

Rose Systemtechnik - Sondergehäuse

You have not found the right standard enclosure?
Do you have specific requirements in terms of installation space, material, color scheme, fixtures, CI-compliant design or function?
Then ask us – your enclosure specialist from Porta Westfalica, we will supply you with the right special enclosure!

Rose Systemtechnik -

Industrial Cable Glands

Cable glands in various designs and different materials for use in industrial applications.

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