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Optimal production facilities and manufacturing capabilities for special enclosures.

We offer you our own production facilities with expertise in the processing of:

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Design and development from prototypes to special enclosures ready for series production

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Electronics and input units for your special enclosure

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Certification and in-house laboratory for special enclosures

In order to be able to carry out all IP protection class tests and environmental tests under standardized conditions, ROSE Systemtechnik has a laboratory with a wide range of test equipment. These include among others:

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International network for your special enclosure

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The special enclosure “Street Connect Antenna” for Kathrein

Requirements for the special enclosure

The cover over the antenna is extremely stable, so that the system can also be installed in streets with heavy traffic of up to 40 tons. The antenna’s housing must offer IP68 protection, as the core bore can fill completely with water. At the same time, the housing comes into contact with road salt, vehicle oils or brake dust, for example. This is where the standards of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, ETSI EN 300 019-1-5 and ETSI EN 300 019-1-8, come into play.

Special enclosure solution for the customer’s challenge

The technical protection was implemented by using a special tongue and groove sealing system. To safeguard the electrical performance of the broadband antenna system, a material was selected that has a constant and firmly defined dielectric constant: The basis for this contemporary special housing is a glass-fiber-reinforced polyester material; after all, appropriate radio beams must be able to escape from the housing in order to provide the user with the desired signal in the immediate vicinity.

As a further challenge, the project was subject to a certain time pressure: Kathrein wanted the first 40 prototypes of the special housing within four weeks of the initial discussion of the drawing.

Using a vacuum prototyping process, the first units were manufactured from a material that not only had the contour but also simultaneously the mechanical and electrical properties of the final material – after all, these housings should already be able to undergo tough suitability tests.

These tests quickly provided information regarding the further requirements. The product was perfected with just one correction loop. Subsequently, protection type and impact resistance tests were carried out according to customer requirements.

After careful coordination with Kathrein – and a few drawing and test runs – we succeeded in developing a suitable special housing.

Technical brief overview of the special enclosure

Naming:Street Connect Antenna
Material:Polyester SMC0190
Color:Gray (RAL 7001)
Ingress Protection:IPX8 – customer specification: 10 cm in the dip tank, for 1 hour
Time:4 weeks
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A special enclosure for the Sening MultiTask® tank truck manager.

Requirements for the special enclosure

The Sening MultiTask® Tank Truck Manager combines the most diverse control applications of a tank truck. Such a complex control device also requires a safe, professional housing that meets all requirements. After all, protection of the sensitive electronics must be guaranteed even in environments with high demands.

Special enclosure solution for the customer’s challenge

According to the customer’s ideas, a special aluminium housing was developed together with our design engineers. The core component of the MultiTask® system is a touch screen that serves as a man-machine interface. The implementation of the desired design, in order to stand out in the market, was carried out with a special hinge system for swinging out the lid and a special painting in RAL2002, silk gloss. The high quality of the die-cast housing and the very good cooperation with us convinced the customer.

For Technip FMC, it was crucial that the housing solution for the system withstands contact with fuels (diesel, gasoline, etc.) and is designed for a temperature application range of -25°C to +60°C. The required overall approval for hazardous areas (ATEX Zone 1) was obtained directly from Technip FMC.

With the aluminium special housing, we offer Technip FMC Smith Meter GmbH a reliable product that meets all desired requirements.

Technical short overview of the special enclosure

Client:Technip FMC Smith Meter® GmbH
Naming:Sondergehäuse FMC
Color:Red, silk gloss (RAL 2002)
Temperature:-25°C to +60°C
Construction type:4 Die cast housing
Rose Systemtechnik -

Special stainless steel enclosure as operating and display unit

Requirements for the special enclosure

The operating and display unit is suitable for all dust and volume measuring instruments of the new DURAG generation. The unit allows the connection of up to 8 measuring systems. Up to 4 results can be displayed in parallel via the large display. Operation is via a membrane keypad. Data can be accessed either via a USB interface or remotely via intranet or internet. For DURAG AG it was crucial that the housing for the D-ISC 100 operating unit offers a high level of quality.

Special enclosure solution for the customer’s challenge

The stainless steel housing from ROSE convinced with its technically flawless design, short delivery time and very good price-performance ratio. The special product made for DURAG in special dimensions is protected against improper opening by a sash lock. In accordance with the CI concept, the housing was powder-coated in RAL 5017, traffic blue, at ROSE Oberflächentechnik, thus supporting the recognition value on the market. The product is designed for a temperature range of -20°C to +55° and fulfills the protection class IP65. With the stainless steel special design, ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH offers DURAG AG a reliable product that meets all required demands.

Technical short overview of the special enclosure

Naming:Edelstahl Sondergehäuse
Color:Blue (RAL 5017)
Temperature:-20°C bis +55°C
Ingress Protection:IP65

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