Seawater-resistant enclosures for shipbuilding

ROSE Systemtechnik sets standards in the development and provision of robust enclosure solutions that are specially designed to withstand the extreme conditions in harbours, on ships or in water sports facilities.

Our high-quality protective enclosures not only offer first-class corrosion resistance to salt water, but also outstanding performance in terms of watertightness, UV resistance, temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals.

Basically, two types of enclosure are particularly suitable for use in water: stainless steel enclosures and aluminium enclosures. We process both our standard designs and a customised solution according to your requirements so that they reliably withstand the influences of water. To achieve seawater-resistant corrosion protection, our aluminium housings are passivated in an automatic continuous flow system. Due to their material properties, stainless steel housings are already seawater-resistant even without treatment.

We subject the finished housings to a salt spray test in accordance with EN ISO 9227.