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Powertrain component plant

The main components for an automobile are manufactured in the Powertrain area. ROSE Systemtechnik has already developed sophisticated solutions for numerous customers and applications.

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Building factory

Everything in the Building factory revolves around the step-by-step assembly of the various production parts. Precise and efficient control is essential here.

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Once all the components have been manufactured and assembled, the wedding of the automobile begins. Finally, the assembly takes place. The car can stand on its own wheels and is made ready to run.

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Paint shop

Before a car can be assembled, the parts of the bodywork are of course painted. Nowadays nothing works without robot technology. But ROSE also offers a solution for explosive areas. We will be pleased to inform you!

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E-Paper from SETAGO®

E-paper is the answer to sustainable and efficient order processing

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Worker guidance SETAGO® – The simplest of all worker assistance systems

The SETAGO® factory assistance system makes assembly easier, minimises errors and increases productivity.

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Automobile production: Digital assistance systems are the basis for successful worker guidance

ROSE Systemtechnik has been your competent partner for control enclosures and support arms for years. The acquisition of CRE Rösler GmbH now also includes panel PCs, industrial PCs and industrial monitors. Both company partners are already established names in the automotive industry and now combine full service for products for the automation and control of machines and systems.

Digital assistance systems

The introduction of digital assistance systems has significantly changed processes and workflows in many manufacturing companies. Since the initial costs, the benefits and the long-term cost savings define the potential of a system, the purpose of the technology must be clearly defined. The digital assistance system in production and assembly stands for quality and productivity. Let ROSE Systemtechnik be the company that can accompany you on your way there.

Operator guidance

Through the use of optimized worker guidance, the employee in your production or assembly is always informed and adjusted about the right time for his associated, current activity. To increase efficiency and process reliability in production, our systems support the step into Industry 4.0 to ensure production quality at semi-automatic manual workstations.

The planning and support of your tailor-made solution concept is our top priority. Software is integrated for you, hardware is upgraded if necessary and the implementation and support of device certifications comes from a single source and everything is “made in Germany”.

The direct contact to the service technician, refurbishment and customer-specific after-sales service round off our portfolio.

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Factory IT in automotive production

In the standardization departments of the automobile operators, not only the testing and maintenance of the factories and production processes take place, but also the selection of suitable devices for smart, efficient production.
The architecture of the factory IT in automobile production is a complex topic and absolutely different everywhere, since the needs of the individual factories are unique.

The products from the HMI CREations portfolio perfectly support you in fulfilling these requirements.
Be it “Predictive Maintenance” – the predictive maintenance of machines and systems, high system availability thanks to our sophisticated Quick-Lock-System, or SCCM compatibility – here various results of the system and the machine are saved in a database, so that the administrator constantly receives detailed feedback on the system status of the clients – our products will not let you down.

The Desktop Management Interface (DMI) can also be integrated into our systems. DMI reads tables provided in the BIOS and manages the production facility.
The possibilities of HMI CREations solutions are diverse: You get a range of customer-specific configurable systems from us. Customize your system with Euchner readers, RFID card readers, Bluetooth, acoustic touch feedback, capacitive function keys, PCI / PCIe slots, and much more.

Of course, Rose acts in the sense of Green IT. For this purpose, our entire information and communication technology is designed to be environmentally and resource-friendly over the entire life cycle.

Zwei einzeln verstellbare Panel PCs an einer Deckenhalterung

Solutions for worker guidance – Powertrain component plant

If we take a look at a plant that deals with the “Powertrain” topic, we speak in automotive engineering terms of the main components that deal with the generation of energy and performance on the road. ROSE Systemtechnik has already developed a large number of solutions for the various stations in such a plant.

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Exhaust systems

Every internal combustion engine needs an exhaust system. The exhaust gases flowing out of the cylinders are condensed here and cleaned of pollutants. Exhaust noise is dampened and exhaust gases are conducted outside of the engine compartment.

To manufacture an exhaust system, you need, among other things, pipe bending machines, welding machines and the production of soot particle filters.



Various castings are required for the production of axles. There is a production process in the foundry of the necessary steel construction before a possible axle assembly, because the supports for the axle have to be steel drawn first.

ROSE Systemtechnik also provides an individual solution in this case. We would be happy to work with you to develop your perfect system.

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Whether front, rear or all-wheel drive, only with the right drive train can the power of the engine find its way onto the road. For the production of e.g. gearboxes and drive shafts in the casting or milling process, they require robust and reliable control technology.

The experts from ROSE Systemtechnik also have a solution ready at hand for this application.


Chassis components

Since the chassis forms the interface to the road, it has a significant impact on the safety of the vehicle. There are many different work steps to be carried out here. Brake discs have to be cast and turned, brake pads manufactured and axles installed. An important part of the chassis construction is the shock absorber technology, the production of castings and the entire process of steel construction.

ROSE Systemtechnik has developed sophisticated control solutions for all of these applications.

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The casting process plays a key role in the manufacturing of components for the automotive industry. Cylinder crankcases, crankshafts, cylinder heads, housings for disc brake systems, and much more are made in the foundry. This places high demands on the periphery: reliable conveyor technology, waste technology, extended temperature ranges, but also EMC-protected versions of products and applications are required.

Special Features

Panel PC mit Tragarm

Engines / E-engines

A motor does mechanical work and converts various forms of energy into kinetic energy. An electric motor, on the other hand, converts electrical power into kinetic energy. The various components in an engine are produced, among other things, in foundry machines, plastic injection machines and in machining centres, where e.g. the inductive hardening of drive shafts takes place.

ROSE Systemtechnik has been working with well-known automobile manufacturers for years and has also developed clever automation solutions for these areas of application.

Special Features

ROSE Systemtechnik - Karosseriebau

Digital assistance systems for optimizing your superstructures

Most cars today are made in line production. The unfinished vehicle passes through numerous stations. Here, either a worker takes care of some work steps or they are carried out automatically. The car is gradually being completed in this way, here we are talking about classic assembly line production, whereby automobile manufacturers like to only manufacture the vehicles according to customer orders, i.e. “build-to-order”, with the highest possible degree of “mass customization”.

The degree of automation in the different plants differs from location to location. Therefore, individual automation solutions are always in demand.

Maschinensteuerung auf Schaltschrank

Body construction

The body shop is not only concerned with the construction of bodies, but also with repairs. ROSE supports the partially and fully automated assembly lines of the body construction with a wide variety of solutions and helps to control steel, aluminium and aluminium / steel connections in sandwich construction.

Special Features

ROSE Systemtechnik - Automobilindustrie Vormontage

Press shop

When considering press shops, three major areas are dealt with: delivery, cutting and press lines. The material is usually delivered in the form of colis, which can weigh several tons and are delivered directly by the steel producer. First, the continuous material goes into the cut and from there on into blanking lines or other cutting lines, such as belt cutting plants where it is broken down into smaller units. Then the presses bring the material into the desired shape.

Panel PC auf einem Standfuß


It is crucial for the manufacturers to manufacture many vehicle variations on their belts and production systems. If there are obstacles in the diversity, some activities are also moved to suppliers, logistics centres or to pre-assembly. This unburdens the final assembly and guarantees a variety of variants. The pre-assembly includes both the component pre-assembly, the engine assembly and the gear assembly, which can be automatic, shift, double clutch or electric transmission.

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Panel PC mit Tragarm

Automobile construction: During assembly, good operator guidance is essential

As soon as the body is merged with the drive train or engine, we speak of the “wedding” in automotive engineering. If the car can stand on its own wheels, doors and flaps are reinstalled. The vehicle is filled with the corresponding operating materials, such as fuel and oil. Then the vehicle is “flashed”, now it is ensured that the control units in the vehicles contain the correct information, such as the radio central locking.

Good worker guidance is essential on the way to a fully assembled automobile. A touch panel with a central data acquisition device visualizes the individual work steps and thus represents the “brain” of such a system.

Special Features

The worker guidance is comparable to a machine data acquisition system. The only difference here is that the entry is manual and not automatic. Sensor technology, industrial communication and automation are the key factors. The data acquisition in the worker guidance can thus be imagined as an electronic wagon accompanying card.

Steuergerät von ROSE Systemtechnik auf Standfuß

Factory logistics

Since the body and all other parts are moved automatically in the factory, the corresponding conveyor technology is also required.
This means not only the direct conveying of materials, but also the associated process. All of this is part of the factory logistics. ROSE has already developed specialized solutions for these types of applications. We would be happy to develop the ideal configuration with you.

During assembly, the vehicle moves on the in-house transport system and continuously goes through the screwing technology. The securing of all screw connections is thus generally ensured and visualized using ROSE HMI CREations solutions. In addition, the re-screwing process can then be started. This ensures that all screw connections in the vehicle are checked again.

Special Features

Panel PC mit Tastaturunterlage

Digital assistance systems simplify painting work in automobile production

Today, nothing works in the paint shop without robot technology. The body and all other parts are picked up by robotic arms and then brought through various process steps.

Before the actual painting process, the weld seams are treated in the automated sealing system with seam sealing. Then the body is sprayed with phosphate salt solution, now a metal-phosphate layer is formed, which is crystalline. The anti-corrosion primer is then applied to the phosphated sheet. In most cases, this is done using the CP coating (cathodic protection). This is an electrophoretic deposition process that very well coats the workpiece in an immersion bath – even if the workpiece has hard-to-reach areas.

Special Features

The next step involves using filler. The surface can have unevenness that is filled in this way, protection against UV radiation of the layer below is guaranteed and there is greater flexibility in regard to annoying stone chips.

The colouring layer is referred to as a basecoat or topcoat and is increasingly water-thinnable and can contain effect pigments, e.g. a metallic or pearl effect. The clear coat is the last layer and additionally protects against chemical, environmental and mechanical influences.

The control solutions from ROSE Systemtechnik ensure that the worker can intervene manually in this process, if necessary or in a special case of customization, and can control the process as desired.

ROSE Systemtechnik not only produces reliable products for the control area. Depending on the type and complexity of your application, we are also happy to supply explosion-proof enclosure solutions – also in the form of terminal boxes – for your requirements.

Panel PC an einem Edelstahlträger und Höhenverstellsystem

End-of-line test benches (EoL test bench)

The test benches at the motorists are used for quality assurance and to check the function of all newly built test objects at the end of the assembly and production lines.

There are different types of test benches: e.g.  an engine test bench, transmission test bench, roller test bench or brake test bench. All ensure that the car is delivered to the consumer in a safe and perfect condition.

A reliable, technically high-quality system also requires a sophisticated control system. Solutions from ROSE Systemtechnik also accompany you in the leak test, the headlight adjustment portal, the chassis geometry adjustment, and much more.

Special Features

e-paper für Werkerassistenzsysteme

E-paper is the answer to sustainable and efficient order processing

The battery-free e-paper solution is the future for the modern digital manufacturing industry. It increases productivity, promotes sustainability and simplifies work processes at the same time. By utilising real-time data, eliminating paper and dispensing with batteries, this technology sets new standards for environmentally conscious and efficient production. E-paper also eliminates the time-consuming and tedious exchange of documents when changes are made to production order processing.

Werkerassistenzsystem Setago

Worker guidance SETAGO® – The simplest of all worker assistance systems

Thanks to the integration of the SETAGO® worker assistance system at assembly workstations, every employee can complete assembly tasks without errors. This assistance system guides employees step by step through the various work processes using visual instructions, images and videos. It is extremely easy to use: the worker guidance system presents employees with digital work instructions that show them which component needs to be assembled next, where it can be found and how it should be assembled. If the work steps are carried out correctly, the next step is initiated. If the employees accidentally grab the wrong material or use the wrong torque when tightening, they receive an immediate warning and the assembly process is stopped. Work can only continue once the error has been rectified. This minimises errors, ensures product quality and increases productivity. At the same time, thanks to SETAGO® worker guidance, even new employees or inexperienced workers and those with limited cognitive capacity can master complex tasks safely and efficiently without a long familiarisation period.

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