Plastic enclosure: Extremely resistant and sealed

Our enclosures are typical terminal enclosures and can be found in almost all market segments.

In their function as terminal enclosures they are ideal distribution boxes and junction boxes for outdoor or indoor use. We supply these enclosures as empty enclosures or, on request, assembled with terminals and cable glands.

Another application area of our junction boxes made of polyester is the use as instrument enclosure for electronic installations, circuit boards or pneumatic elements.

Our plastic enclosures are particularly suitable for outdoor use as they cannot corrode and, due to the glass fiber reinforced material, have the same dimensional stability as metal enclosures and are very resistant to UV light.

Different polyester materials are available for different applications. ROSE plastic enclosures are ideal for railway applications due to their fire-technical properties and their relatively low weight.

Why junction boxes from ROSE?

We have decades of experience in the production of high-quality junction boxes made of polyester. ROSE was the first manufacturer to establish these enclosures as standard in the industry - as terminal boxes, equipment enclosures, enclosures for railway applications and enclosures for E30 fire protection applications.

Many well-known customers from various industries trust in our know-how in the design and production of polyester junction boxes.

Our junction boxes can be used in all industrial sectors. This versatility is due to the special manufacturing process: We have the possibility to optimally adjust the material properties of the junction boxes to the requirements of the respective application by changing the plastic mixture. To ensure that our junction boxes meet our customers' exact requirements, we also use individual tools for each enclosure design.



Why junction boxes from ROSE?

Junction boxes from ROSE offer numerous advantages

  • Universal structure
  • Manufacturing with the most modern production processes
  • Extensive processing options (mechanical processing and surface technology)
  • Have protection class up to max. IP67)
  • High fire resistance and good fire behavior V0 according to UL94 (flame retardant and self-extinguishing)
  • Tested protection for railway applications (HL 2, according to DIN EN 45545)
  • Versatile use thanks to industry-specific material composition
  • High impact strength (IK09)
  • Consistently high quality for decades
  • Constant product controls
  • Short delivery times
  • Short delivery routes due to worldwide production sites
  • On-site consultation
  • Complete assembly with customer-specific electronics on request
  • Optional EMC protection
  • UV- and weathering resistance
  • Low weight
  • Quick release fastener technology (version "Polyester flange")
  • Glass fibre reinforced enclosure systems
  • Mounting options for mounting rails and mounting plates
  • Optional as E30 fire protection enclosure (E30 certificate)
  • Also available as polyester Ex enclosure (empty or equipped)
  • UL approval (classification V0 according to UL 94)
  • Shipbuilding approval (ABS, Lloyds Register, Maritime Register of Shipping)
  • Railway certificate according to DIN EN 45545
Junction boxes from ROSE offer numerous advantages

Application areas for ROSE distribution boxes

Distributor enclosures made of polyester by ROSE are used in numerous industries, e.g. in railway technology, shipbuilding, food processing and process engineering. We manufacture a large number of enclosure variants with the most diverse features and therefore have the right solution for every application.

Application areas for ROSE distribution boxes

Quick to open: Distribution boxes with hinged covers

We have equipped our distributor enclosure series Polyglas/Polycase, Mini-Polyglas and Polyester small switch cabinet with hinged lids for particularly easy handling. This gives you quick access to the electronics built into the enclosure. The enclosures are made of glass fiber reinforced thermosetting polyester and are therefore particularly robust.

Our distributor enclosures with hinged lids are particularly suitable for

  • The use as distribution cabinets,
  • Installation of electronics for measuring stations and weather stations,
  • Operating, control and monitoring system installations.

We manufacture the distributor enclosures with hinged lids with various locking systems and in versions with and without carrying handle.


Quick to open: Distribution boxes with hinged covers

Extremely resistant: Polyester enclosures for railway technology

ROSE polyester enclosures for railway applications meet the strict safety requirements of the DIN EN 45545 standard. The material made of glass-fiber reinforced thermoset polyester cannot melt or drip in the event of fire and only causes moderate smoke development. The plastic is also weatherproof.

Polyester enclosures from ROSE are suitable for almost all railway applications. They are used, for example, on pantographs of trains in local and long-distance traffic.

Polyester enclosures for railway technology

  • Are weather resistant,
  • Can neither melt nor drip off in case of fire,
  • Are suitable for temperatures from -40 °C ...+130 °C.
Extremely resistant: Polyester enclosures for railway technology

Polyester enclosure for E30 fire protection applications

Fire protection plays an important role in the planning of tunnels and public buildings. For example, the power supply for safety-relevant systems such as escape route lighting or smoke extraction systems must be guaranteed for 30 minutes in case of fire. All components of these systems must therefore have E30 functional integrity.

Our E30 fire protection enclosures have been developed to meet precisely these high requirements: They are made of a halogen-free polyester and feature heat-resistant ceramic terminals with wire protection. Therefore, the E30 enclosures can be used in public buildings and tunnel systems in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 12.

Our polyester enclosures for E30 fire protection applications

  • meet the requirements of DIN 4102 part 12,
  • guarantee up to 30 minutes functional integrity in case of fire,
  • have the protection class IP 66,
  • can be used at temperatures from -40 °C ...+90 °C,
  • have the E30 certificate.
Polyester enclosure for E30 fire protection applications

Plenty of space: plastic enclosure with two levels

In some applications, enclosures must accommodate a large number of electronic components. Conventional terminal boxes quickly reach their capacity limits.

With our CombiBox plastic enclosures made of glass-fiber reinforced polyester resin you can solve your space problems in an elegant and cost-effective way. Each CombiBox enclosure has 2 to 3 levels for the assembly of terminals and switching elements.

These are your advantages:

  • Flexible internal height fixation
  • Placement on up to 3 levels
  • Three sizes
  • Easy to install wall mounting
  • Partially opened screw channels
  • Self-extinguishing (UL 94 V-0)
  • Full protective insulation (VDE 0100)
  • Protection class IP 66
  • Impact strength IK08 according to EN 20102
Plenty of space: plastic enclosure with two levels

Especially robust: Ex polyester enclosure

Ex polyester enclosures from ROSE are versatile and particularly suitable for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the process industry, in mining or in silo systems. The Ex polyester enclosures are available as components or as fully certified devices for the installation of terminals or electronic equipment.

We also supply the PExcom enclosures pre-assembled with terminals and cable glands - you can integrate them into your system immediately. Ex polyester enclosures are ATEX, IECEx and partly also EAC-RU certified.

These are your advantages:

  • Good discharge capacity of electrostatic charges
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Also with EMC protection
  • For temperatures from -55 °C ... +135 °C
  • Optionally with viewing window
  • Standard and flanged housing
  • More than 50 different sizes and designs
Especially robust: Ex polyester enclosure

Our processing options for distribution boxes

At ROSE you get the full service around your distributor enclosure. We offer you, for example, a wide range of machining possibilities, with which we give your enclosure the decisive finishing touch. Exactly according to your specifications we drill holes, paint the enclosure in your corporate design or engrave pictures and texts on the surface of the enclosure.

Why are plastic enclosures from ROSE so popular?

Our plastic enclosures have a high UV and weather resistance and are therefore true universal enclosures. They can be used as terminal enclosures as well as device enclosures, enclosures for railway applications or enclosures for applications in particularly harsh environments.

Why are plastic enclosures from ROSE so popular?

Extensive experience in the production of plastic enclosures

ROSE has been developing and manufacturing plastic enclosures for 40 years. As we have customers from a wide range of industries, we have a broad expertise and know exactly the requirements of the different applications.

For the production of the polyamide plastic enclosures we exclusively use glass fiber reinforced thermosetting polyester. This results in a high degree of dimensional stability and is noticeable in longer durability and greater impact resistance.

Extensive experience in the production of plastic enclosures