Application areas of the ROSE Ex Equipment

In all areas where explosive atmospheres occur, special safety guidelines are effective which prescribe the use of specially tested components. Within the EU, the ATEX directive, which determines the safe operation of plants and systems in potentially explosive atmospheres, is effective for this purpose.

Other countries and continents have different safety guidelines in this area (IECEx, TR-TS, NEC etc.) – often these are derivatives of European ATEX legislation.

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Gehäusesysteme

ROSE Aluminium, Polyester and Stainless-Steel Ex Enclosures and Control Stations assure reliable protection for electrical distribution systems in explosion-endangered zones.

Konfektioniertes Ex Gehäuse mit Warnsignalen

ROSE Control Stations (local control points) are certified for use in explosion-endangered zones containing combustible gases and/or particulates. These systems in all cases have a customised structure – various enclosure types and sizes are available, depending on requirements and the volume of equipment:

The basis for these applications is provided by the Ex-approved polyester, aluminium and stainless-steel enclosures and cabinets with a hinged door.

Different protection concepts for different applications

Typical areas of application are:

verschiedene Kabelverschraubungen von ROSE Systemtechnik

Ex Cable Glands 

Special demands are made on cable glands in the oil and gas sector, in particular.

ROSE worldwide

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