The Kecskemét plant

The Phoenix Mecano group's largest plant, at more than 1000 employees, is located in Kecskemét, Hungary. The group's various divisions operate a joint location for the production and development of systems and components for the mechanical engineering and electronics industries. Kecskemét produces:

  • industrial enclosures
  • pantograph actuation systems and dual actuators
  • control units
  • manual switches
  • linear units
  • profile systems and connecting systems
  • DC motors
  • transformers
  • membrane keypads
  • installation systems

Production of plastic enclosure

Predominantly plastic enclosures are made in Hungary for the enclosures division. A modern injection-moulding shop, an internal toolmaking department, and a high-quality plastics laboratory, in which all tests on the feed materials and on the finished components can be performed, are available for this purpose.

In addition to aluminium profile enclosures, larger customer-specific series are also produced for the European market in Hungary.

Increased efficiency through lean philosophy

This production location has introduced lean philosophy in all corporate sectors, in order to optimise all production processes and raise efficiency. The greatest importance is attached to the employees' ideas and to the rationalisation of all processes.

ROSE's production unit in Hungary has already passed numerous audits performed by renowned customers, thanks to the use of ultra-modern technologies by qualified employees in well functioning processes.

Quality and environmental management certified

All six production units at the Kecskemét location operate in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality-management standard and of the ISO 14001: 2004.

History of the production location in Hungary


Phoenix Mecano AG founds Phoenix Mecano Kesckemét, with forty-four employees, in the 2,500 m2 shop for the Injection Moulding profit centre.


Founding of the Dewert profit centre.


Founding of the Motor/Transformer profit centre.


The Kundisch and ROSE profit centres start their activities. The Abas ERP system is introduced.


The Rose+Krieger profit centre starts production.


Construction of administrative building. Expansion of the profit centre's production area. ROSE/BOPLA Construction of warehouses, warehousing systems and adoption of modern forms of material handling.

Doubling of the total and production area of the company. Expansion of the Dewert and Rose+Krieger profit centre's production shops. Introduction of the ISO 9000 quality-management system.


Introduction of the ISO 14001 environmental management system.


Expansion of the production area in the plastics injection-moulding shop and Kundisch profit centres.


Expansion of the Dewert profit centre by a production warehouse.


New production and storage area at the ROSE/BOPLA profit centre.


Start of construction of a new production shop and a fully automated, 25 m high, high-bay system.


Expansion of the production area by 6,000 m2.  receipt of AEO certification as an Authorised Economic Operator.


Inauguration of the 5,000 m2 logistics center and high-bay warehouse system.
The Hungarian government approves strategic agreement with PM Kesckemét.