ROSE Handheld Enclosures for optimal production processes

We encounter Handheld Enclosures both in everyday life and in business. From the card reader enclosure to the operation of cranes, handheld enclosures are always in use. We offer a large selection of different models that are designed for a wide range of applications.

Handbediengehäuse Taguan

Taguan handheld enclosures, thanks to their special structure, permit maximum flexibility of installation.

Rose Systemtechnik - Beluga

Beluga handheld operating enclosures make setting-up and control of machines and systems easier, and thus boost flexibility in production.

Rose Systemtechnik - Limanda

The Limanda enclosure system can be used for both mobile and stationary purposes.

Handbediengehäuse Pilot

Robust handheld operating enclosures which safely protect electronics even in harsh environments.

Kabel Knickschutz

Accessories for your handheld enclosure

Small but great – our Handheld Enclosures

Our Taguan handheld enclosures offer a high degree of flexibility and functionality in the smallest of spaces.

The strong and easily exchangeable battery makes the Taguan housing very flexible, so that it offers maximum freedom of movement. They are ideally suited as scanners, measuring sensors or magnetic card readers. Do you think that’s exactly what you need? Then request a non-binding offer now.

Beluga handheld enclosure the absolute allrounder

Thanks to their robust construction and protection class IP65, our Beluga handheld control enclosures are beyond any doubt. Due to the large opening, which can be obtained optionally, the installation of a display is just the thing. It is also possible to install additional components due to the large interior, e.g. emergency stop switch, membrane keyboards or a handwheel. The largest design, the Beluga 380 enclosure, can be used for several areas of application. It can be used as a classic hand control housing, as a wall housing or as a table housing. The additional carrying straps make it very comfortable to wear around the stomach.

Thanks to all these features that the Beluga enclosure series has, it is particularly suitable for areas such as machine operation and control, measurement technology or crane control.

Would you like to learn more about beluga housings? Get in touch with our friendly sales team today and get individual advice!

Limanda handheld enclosure for complex displays and controls

The Limanda manual control enclosures can be used both mobile and stationary. Thanks to its front panel, large displays and membrane keyboards can be installed. We can ensure that your built-in electronics are also safely protected, Limanda handheld enclosures are IP65 certified and self-extinguishing. The maximum installation depth can be increased a little by means of an intermediate frame, so that even complex systems can be accommodated. Do you think Limanda control boxes could be just the thing for you? Then get a non-binding offer now.

Perfect for machine control: Pilot Handheld Enclosure

Pilot enclosure are the most diverse portable cases that we have in our range. Whether from a small control housing with just one on / off switch to a large panel with display and keyboard, the pilot housing is available in every version.

The handheld control housings are made of polyamide and polyester and have the protection class IP65, so that they can also be used in harsh environments without damaging your built-in components. We would be happy to advise you personally, on the phone or on site, which hand control housing is right for your application. If our website has already convinced you, request your non-binding offer now and let the quality of the ROSE enclosures convince you.

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