ROSE Systemtechnik supplies accurately fitting enclosure solutions for the most diverse range of industries and applications. Our services include not only surface enhancement and machining, but also the complete installation of our industrial, operating and display enclosures, and also of our components for explosion safety.

We provide our customers with precisely fitting all-in solutions that save time, expense and complexity. For this reason, our enclosures undergo the following installation operations prior to shipment:

  • Main installation
  • Modular cable connectorisation
  • Adhesive application station
  • Seals/li>

Main installation

ROSE Systemtechnik performs the equipping of all industrial enclosures and control cabinets as a standard procedure: this includes, on the one hand, installation of the lid, the cable connectorisation and the earthing (grounding) screws. Our services also include assembly and fitting of rating plates to our Ex and Ex d enclosures. 

We also provide, in addition to our standard range, customised assembly and equipping of our polyester, stainless-steel and aluminium enclosures.

  • All types of cable glands
  • Fitting of/equipping with terminals
  • Assembly of mounting plates
  • Fitting of membrane keypads and final electrical testing
Main installation

Modular cable connectorisation

In order to provide our customers with optimum service down to the last detail, we also perform all wiring operations for terminal enclosures, electronics enclosures, and also for display and operating enclosures. Our range of services also includes the assembly of control cabinets, equipping of boards/cards, followed by functional testing.

  • All-in or partial wiring: We can, on request, also perform for our customers, after pre-wiring, the connection of all cables to the mounting rails, operating and display elements.
  • Control-cabinet installation: If required, we can also assemble our standard electronics or stainless-steel enclosures as control cabinets, wiring them correspondingly.
  • Equipping of boards/cards: Equipping of boards/cards at ROSE Systemtechnik is conducted in accordance with customers' specifications and includes, for example, LEDs, plug connectors and soldering work.
  • Testing: We can perform not only assembly/installation of membrane keypads, but also subsequent testing of these devices for complete functionality, including, in particular, display and operating enclosures.
Modular cable connectorisation

Adhesive application station

Specifically for our display and operating enclosures, we can also perform installation and/or adhesive bonding of membrane keypads or window panels.

  • We develop and manufacture membrane keypads which we can affix to the most diverse range of enclosure surfaces. These membrane keypads can be precisely adapted to the requirements of the particular application, since this service is performed within our company.
  • If required, we can supply your enclosures with ready-fitted adhesively bonded window panels. We use various technologies for this purpose, i.e., various adhesive materials and an automatic adhesive applicator. Your risk of rejects can thus be reduced to a minimum.
Adhesive application station


We can, as an additional service, also perform installation of various seals, in order that our enclosures meet our customers' requirements for tightness and IP protection even in difficult industrial environments. Our portfolio includes the following seal options:

  • Round cord seal: Seal for standard industrial applications and temperatures from
    -20° C to +90° C.
  • Foam seal/strong>: Seal for standard industrial applications for a temperature range of -20° C to +90° C.
  • EMC seal (HFC): Seal for use in measuring systems. EMC screening prevents the ingress of interference radiation.
  • Silicone seal: For use in Ex d zones and in environments with extreme atmospheric conditions, therefore suitable for a higher temperature range, of -60° C to +150° C. 
  • We can also install special seals of all types.