Machine tools with ergonomic operation

Machine-tool engineering is the largest branch of mechanical and plant engineering. It is the essential core and innovation centre of global industrial production, radiating its influence into other branches of industry. Machine tools provide the essential basis for numerous industrial production routes, product innovations and new processes.

Ergonomics & Design

The aspects of ergonomics and individual styling are ever gaining in importance for manufacturers in the construction of machine tools, in order to permit differentiation from the competition.

The focus in the production of machine tools is on the following targets:

  • Ergonomic concepts are intended to relieve the physical burden on employees and to protect their health.
  • Flexible adjustment facilities on the machines are intended to assure trouble-free operation (in cases, for example, in which employees of different height work on one and the same machine on different shifts).
  • Compact design: it must be possible to pivot the control system out of the working zone even in the most constricted space, for example.
  • Elegant modern styling (in CI colours, for example) is intended to improve the machine tools' visual appeal.
  • High-quality components are aimed at achieving greater functionality.
Ergonomics & Design

HMI programme for industry

We supply a broad range of products, consisting of operating and display enclosures, hand-held enclosures and also stationary operating systems, such as Commanders and suspension systems which meet the requirements in numerous industrial applications.

Control, display and operation:

Various Commanders from our product portfolio are used, in particular, in machine tools. They serve to protect industrial control systems, panel PCs, operating and visual-display units, and also as mini control-cabinets for automation systems. They are also produced in the form, for example, of robust die cast aluminium enclosures, and also in stainless steel.

Our customers' satisfaction is always our first priority, and this is why we also provide a special service for our HMI enclosures and control cabinets:

  • Machining
  • Individual paint finishes
  • Printing
  • All-in assembly
  • Engraving to customers' specifications

Our Commander range also includes a selection of accessories:

  • Various attachments (e.g. keyboard trays, mousepad racks, laptop trays, etc.)
  • Interfaces
  • Keyboard drawers

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Supporting-arm systems:

Our extensive range of supporting-arm systems makes it possible to create particularly ergonomic and flexible workplaces for machine tools. For this purpose, use our:

  • Support systems for control enclosures
  • Supporting-arm systems for a range of loads
  • Round- or square-section tubular systems
  • Range of tilt adapters
  • Height-adjustment systems

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