Transport technology

In its industrial enclosures segment, ROSE Systemtechnik's range also includes innovative robust enclosures for transport technology. The term "transport technology" is used here to cover both passenger and goods traffic

  • on water,
  • in the air,
  • on roads,
  • and by rail.

The transport technology includes transportation concepts, traffic control systems and vehicle technology for all means of transport.

  • They connect people in short- and long-haul traffic in times of rising mobility.
  • They bring goods safely around the globe and support globalisation.
  • They must be safe, reliable and quickly available.
  • Transport-industry components must be correspondingly well protected. 

Optimum protection against external factors

Transport technology makes great demands on our enclosures. In this field, they are frequently continuously exposed to extreme external factors, such as:

  • Weather
  • Vibration
  • Stone chipping
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Severe fouling

Electronic components and systems must nonetheless function dependably. It is our aim to avoid technical problems during operation, and to ensure safety for travellers and transport users at all times by assuring the protection provided by our enclosures. Global players and innovative medium-sized enterprises around the globe rely on our high-quality products. We are the high-capability partner in the development of future-orientated systems for subsuppliers and manufacturers in the fields of shipbuilding, infrastructure and rail technology.

Optimum protection against external factors