Process industry

The process industry processes the most diverse range of substances and materials in the context of chemical, biological, physical and/or technological processes. The industry is subdivided into various branches, such as, for example:

  • Chemicals
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Feeds and foodstuffs
  • Glass, paper, cellulose, steel and cement production

The generation of dust and the use and handling of aggressive fluids mean that there are frequently difficult ambient conditions in these industries, under which machinery and systems must, nonetheless, continue to function correctly. The subject of explosion safety also plays an important role here.

ROSE Systemtechnik supplies an extensive range of Ex equipment to assure maximum safety for your processing plant. This range includes:

  • Ex enclosure systems
  • Ex control stations
  • Ex cable glands

Systematic explosion prevention

There is a danger of explosion wherever combustible gases, vapours or particulates are stored, processed or handled. Explosion-endangered zones can also occur in the following environments, in addition to the process industry:

  • Waste landfills
  • Agriculture (recovery of biogas from dung) 
  • Recycling organisations
  • Mining
  • Energy generation
  • Paintshops
  • Metalworking industry

Within the EU, the requirements for the safe use of electrical equipment in explosion-endangered areas are strictly regulated by the ATEX directive. Processing industry companies must adhere to wide-ranging national and international codes of practice and standards in order to assure maximum safety during operation. The reason: it is not always possible to prevent the formation of explosible atmospheres by means of primary or secondary safety measures.


Systematic explosion prevention

ROSE Systemtechnik supplies a broad range of enclosures and HMI solutions for electrical equipment, in the following ignition protection categories, in order to meet corresponding standards and codes of practice, to prevent the ignition of explosible particulates and/or gases and to contain the effects of any explosion to a minimum:

  • Ex e
  • Ex ia
  • Ex e ia
  • Ex d
  • Ex ed

ROSE Systemtechnik's Ex products assure safety in the most diverse range of industries and applications:

  • They protect the life and health of employees.
  • They prevent damage to machinery, handling systems and warehouse facilities.
  • They prevent system downtimes and production losses, and also reduce repair and reprocurement expense.