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The automotive industry

The automotive industry is one of the most important for Germany and Europe. Year-by-year, the automotive sector files thousands of patents. Scarcely any other industry is as large, as innovative or employs even nearly as many people.

Future challenges

According to the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry), factors such as globalisation and urbanisation will result, around the world, in even higher levels of traffic, particularly in and around the new and existing megacities. Motoring must therefore be made

Not only the greater use of electric and hybrid vehicles, but also automated and networked driving will, in future, play an increasingly important role. The number of car models will rise, with falling batch sizes. For this reason, motor-vehicle manufacturers must, in the future, be able to react as quickly as possible to new technical challenges and to modify their production appropriately.

Engine of innovation for industry

Since its beginnings in the late 19th century, motor-vehicle production has been an engine of innovation and an indicator of technical progress and of automation for industry. Today, due to various developments and trends, this sector is confronted with its largest ever challenge:

The consequences of this are ever faster production process cycles coupled with increasing flexibilisation of production systems. All this can be implemented only by means of unceasing further evolution of the technical facilities.

More than just an enclosure supplier

For us, as a supplier of industrial enclosures, it is not only the requirements of the motor-vehicle manufacturers that are important, but also those of the subsupplier companies. The makers of the most ultra-modern production facilities must themselves also continually face the new and changing challenges set by this industry.

For mechanical and plant engineering, much more is involved than just market-orientated prices. For this reason, we at ROSE Systemtechnik provide not only optimum-quality industrial, display and operating enclosures and supporting-arm systems, but also:

Our automotive team at work for you

Peter Schiller / Sales Manager HMI SOLUTIONS
Peter Schiller
Jochen Lindemann / Key Account Manager Automotive
Jochen Lindemann

ROSE’s operating and display enclosures meet the automotive industry’s high standards and have proven their value in practice.


Due to its modern design, the SL5000 clearly stands out from previous control housings and still convinces with its high flexibility and modularity.

Rose Systemtechnik - SL 4000

The SL 4000 is one of the most modular control enclosure systems currently available on the market and protects the built-in components with IP65 protection.

Rose Systemtechnik - SL 3000

The SL 3000 is a particularly robust control enclosure due to the use of double-walled aluminium profiles.

Tragarm für Steuergeräte

The GTN II is the modular all-rounder among the aluminium profile support arm systems and is designed for medium to heavy loads up to 80kg with 1.00m outrigger length.


The GTKe equipment support system is a modular industrial aluminium profile support arm system for connecting control enclosures.

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