The GTN II is the modular all-rounder among the aluminium-profile supporting-arm systems and is designed for medium to heavy loads of up to 80 kg, with a reach of 1.00 m.

Positive-locked connections between the components and the profiles assure maximum torsional stiffness.

Maximum reach is 2.00 m at a load of 40 kg.

The GTN II can be equipped with an intermediate flexible joint, making it even more versatile.

An open and a closed profile are available for the GTN II supporting-arm system.
The open duct on the GTN II profile simplifies the installation of cables, and can then be closed by means of a plastic profile element.

Cables can thus easily be added retrospectively.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

Load diagram

* light: can be used for control units with low load (up to 30 kg/2 m) with lower swivel force.

The intermediate joints of type S (49476702 + 49476703) and of type Z (49476700 + 49476701) differ in their design and do not have the same functionality.

The 3D data displayed may differ from the current status due to changes and data reductions and may not always be up to date immediately.
ImageArt.-No.TypeRotatableWeight3D DataDrawingRequest
49470001Adapter plate Siemens-PRONo0.469 kg
49470004Foot standNo-
49470006Adjustment setNo0.058 kg
49471001Aluminium profile open (0,5 m)No3.06 kg
49471002Aluminium profile open (1 m)No6.14 kg
49471003Aluminium profile open (2 m)No12 kg
49471099Aluminium profile open (variable length)No-
49471101Aluminium profile open anodized (0,5 m)No3.07 kg
49471102Aluminium profile open anodized (1 m)No6.14 kg
49471103Aluminium profile open anodized (2 m)No12 kg
49471199Aluminium profile anodized (variable length)No-
49472001Aluminium profile closed (0,5 m)No2.71 kg
49472002Aluminium profile closed (1 m)No5.42 kg
49472003Aluminium profile closed (2 m)No11 kg
49472099Aluminium profile closed (variable length)No-
49472101Aluminium profile closed anodized (0,5 m)No2.71 kg
49472102Aluminium profile closed anodized (1 m)No5.42 kg
49472103Aluminium profile closed anodized (2 m)No11 kg
49472199Aluminium profile anodized (variable length)No-
49473002Height adjustment GTN II, slide hangingYes14 kg
49473003Height adjustment GTN II, slide standingYes13 kg
49476600Top-mounted jointYes5.3 kg
49476601Top-mounted joint lightYes5.3 kg
49476620Top-mounted joint (ceiling mounting)Yes5.3 kg
49476700Intermediate joint "Z"Yes6.52 kg
49476701Intermediate joint "Z" lightYes6.52 kg
49476702Intermediate joint "S"Yes6.52 kg
49476703Intermediate joint "S" lightYes6.52 kg
49477000Wall hingeYes6.15 kg
49477001Wall hinge lightYes6.15 kg
49477020Wall hinge hangingYes6.15 kg
49477030Wall hinge verticalYes6.06 kg
49477100AngleNo1.13 kg
49477144Angle GTN II / GTSNo1.86 kg
49477145Angle GTN II / GTK electronicNo1.76 kg
49477149Angle GTN II / GT 48/2No2.03 kg
49477200Foot stand fixedNo1.22 kg
49477220Foot stand turnable with adapter plateYes3.63 kg
49477221Foot stand turnableYes2.32 kg
49477222Foot stand turnable lightYes3.59 kg
49477300CouplingYes1.78 kg
49477302Coupling Siemens-PROYes2.19 kg
49477303Coupling fixedNo1.22 kg
49477500Angle couplingYes2.74 kg
49477502Angle coupling Siemens-PROYes3.5 kg
49477549Angle coupling to GT 48/2Yes5.3 kg
49477600Console flange 15°No0.708 kg
49478000Inclining adapterNo2.32 kg
Rose Systemtechnik - GTL

The “GTL” series tops off the aluminium suspension system product range for heavy-load applications.

Geräteträger GTS

The GTS is a modular aluminium-profile supporting-arm system with an attractive styling for integration of control enclosures of low load levels up to a maximal of 30 kg and with a reach of 1 m.

Tragarm für Panel PCs aus Aluminium

The GTKe suspension system is a modular industrial aluminium-profile supporting-arm system for integration of control enclosures.


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