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The GTKe suspension system is a modular industrial aluminium-profile supporting-arm system for integration of control enclosures.

It is designed for smaller loads of a maximum of 30 kg, with a reach of 1.0 m.

Maximum reach is 1.5 m at a load of 20 kg.

A special feature of the GTKe is the open cable duct in the profiles, which significantly simplifies cable installation.

This cable duct can be closed using a plastic closure element after completion of installation.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

Load diagram

ImageArt.-No.TypeRotatableWeight3D DataDrawingRequest
49450001Adapter plate Siemens-PRONo0.175 kg
49451000Aluminium profile (variable length)No-
49451001Aluminium profile (0,5 m)No1.625 kg
49451002Aluminium profile (1 m)No3.25 kg
49451003Aluminium profile (2 m)No6.5 kg
49456600Top-mounted jointYes1.43 kg
49456900Spare-profile cover 2,5 mNo0.206 kg
49457000Wall hingeYes2.25 kg
49457100AngleNo0.533 kg
49457200Foot standNo0.538 kg
49457300CouplingYes0.521 kg
49457302Coupling Siemens-PROYes1.01 kg
49457500Angle couplingYes0.882 kg
49457502Angle coupling Siemens-PROYes1.27 kg
49457700Flange couplingYes0.957 kg
49457800Flange angle couplingYes1.017 kg
Rose Systemtechnik - GTL

The “GTL” series tops off the aluminium suspension system product range for heavy-load applications.

Tragarm für Steuergeräte

The GTN II is the modular all-rounder among the aluminium-profile supporting-arm systems and is designed for medium to heavy loads of up to 80 kg, with a reach of 1.00 m.

Geräteträger GTS

The GTS is a modular aluminium-profile supporting-arm system with an attractive styling for integration of control enclosures of low load levels up to a maximal of 30 kg and with a reach of 1 m.

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