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Digital agricultural technology that encourages imitation

Many are unaware that agribusiness is an important innovation driver. The agricultural engineering is a high-tech industry, in addition to tillage machines, tractors and harvesters as well as forestry technology, attachments and sawing and fertilization technology is included.

Germany as a traditional innovation leader with a high reputation

The innovative engineers in the agricultural sector deal with technologies that have a high digital content: about 30% deal with digital topics like sensor technology, satellite-based GPS orientation and other robotic technologies.

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Agrartechnik- ROSE Systemtechnik

Smart-Farming engineered in Germany

The technicians and engineers in agriculture are happy to talk about smart farming systems. Not only production and food safety, but also environmental protection will be supervised with different systems. Germany can look back on a long agricultural machinery tradition and has become a real innovator here.

Agrartechnik- ROSE Systemtechnik

The intelligent factory – Digitization in Production

In terms of digitization, the agricultural sector does not have to lag behind the general trends in German mechanical engineering. The digitization progress, in terms of production and the value chain, is as advanced as the German national average.

In terms of resource scarcity (energy, water, etc.) and climate change, an efficient use of resources in agricultural engineering is essential. Also in view of environmental protection measures it needs the efficiency maximization.

Thus, the optimization of resource use pays off. The digital control and sensors contribute to this and conserve resources. An investment in modern agricultural machinery should therefore pay for itself quickly.

Agrartechnik- ROSE Systemtechnik

ROSE enclosure in use for agricultural engineering

Agrartechnik- ROSE Systemtechnik

Special enclosures for digital agricultural technology

For special demands on ambient conditions or special requirements on the installation space of your application, we also like to develop a customized special enclosure together with you and your team. Benefit from an enormous know-how transfer from Germany’s largest enclosure specialist. The specialists from ROSE Systemtechnik advise you on your specific application in the agricultural sector. Talk to us now, we are happy to help!

Agrartechnik- ROSE Systemtechnik

Explosion protection for biogas plants with Ex Control Stations

The risk of explosion in biogas plants is high. Ex Control Stations from ROSE Systemtechnik, therefore, meet strict requirements for ignition protection.

Manufacturers and operators of biogas plants must take effective measures for explosion protection. However, the formation of an explosive atmosphere and the presence of ignition sources cannot be completely avoided due to the circumstances. For this reason, the enclosures of the electrical equipment must be designed in a way that there is no danger of explosion from their components. With its explosion-proofed enclosures, ROSE Systemtechnik offers the ideal solution for such applications.

The risk of explosion in biogas plants is high

The control stations are equipped with a flameproof Ex d enclosure that prevents an internal explosion from spreading to the environment. An explosion could occur, for example, if a potentially explosive atmosphere from the plant enters the enclosure and is ignited thereby sparks.

To prevent such an explosion from spreading to the surrounding atmosphere, and the ignition gap cools the flue gases before they escape. In addition, the outer wall of the stainless steel or aluminium enclosures can easily withstand a pressure wave.

Ex d enclosures provide perfect protection for the equipment installed in them against moisture, dirt, dust, and water (protection class IP66).

Another advantage of Control Stations with Ex d enclosures is the perfect protection of the equipment installed in them against moisture, dirt, dust, and water (protection class IP66). Ex d enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik are available in different sizes and designs. Before delivery, they are subjected to so-called overpressure tests, which ensure the robustness of each individual enclosure. In addition, ROSE offers a wide range of services related to enclosures, such as mechanical processing, painting, special coatings, engraving, and printing.

Industrial enclosures for digital agricultural technology


Hand control enclosures for the control of digital agricultural technology

Rose Systemtechnik - Limanda
Rose Systemtechnik - Pilot 110-150
Rose Systemtechnik - Beluga

Explosion protection enclosures for digital agricultural technology

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex d Gehäuseserien
Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Control Stations

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