Explosion-proof Enclosure Systems: Confidence when it counts

When it comes to using our enclosures in particularly hazardous, explosive environments, you should use our Ex enclosure systems. These explosion-proof enclosures are the spearhead in terms of safety and provide optimum protection for your installed components against the ingress of gas, dust or water. There are different temperature classes, dust and gas protection ranges, which vary depending on the material, installed components and environment.

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Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Aluminium

The Ex Aluminium range comprises standard and flange enclosures in the form of pre-assembled Ex terminal enclosures with approved terminal blocks, cable glands and accessories for the intrinsically safe (Ex ia) and increased (EX e) safety-zone applications, and Ex component-certified empty enclosures for individual equipping.

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Polyester

The Ex Polyester enclosure’s good insulating properties and V0 construction in acc. with UL make it a genuine all-rounder, suitable for use in harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Edelstahl

ROSE Ex Stainless Steel enclosures take the form of high-quality enclosure systems featuring conformity to ATEX and the IEC code.

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex d Gehäuseserien

ROSE supplies flameproof enclosures in various sizes and types for use in various gas groups and service-temperature ranges.


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The classic: The aluminium housing is also available as an explosion-proof housing.

Our aluminium housing shines with its robustness and ease of machining. The all-rounder is available as an explosion-proof housing in two variants.

On the one hand as ATEX housing, which may be used in zones with increased safety as well as in particularly warm and cold temperature zones. The other is an Ex i enclosure, which offers a certain degree of intrinsic safety. The installed components are also Ex certified, so there is no sparking that can cause a hazardous situation.

If you want to assemble the housing yourself, this is also no problem, because our explosion-proof aluminium housings have a UL approval, partial certificate.

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Polyester Ex Enclosures: Elegant appearance in black garb

The ROSE polyester enclosures are also available as explosion-proof enclosures in the same product variety.

The well-known product variants Polyester Standard, Okta-Box or Polyester Flange Enclosures offer an explosion protection approval just like the other polyester enclosures.

The highlight in the polyester enclosure explosion protection range is the PExcom enclosure. They are completely pre-assembled explosion protection enclosures made of resistant plastic including ATEX and IECEx approval. The special feature of the enclosures is the possibility of immediate commissioning upon receipt. For further approvals please contact our explosion protection experts.

In general, all our explosion protection polyester enclosures offer the following approvals ex works:

Ex ia
UL 508a

This makes it possible to deliver the enclosures with a partial certificate, so that you can install your desired terminals.

Ex Stainless Steel Enclosures: Premium material for premium applications

If you are thinking about explosion protection in areas where the chemical or corrosive load is very high, there is no getting around our Ex stainless steel enclosures.

Thanks to the premium material, the enclosures can even be used in seawater and are thus predestined for operation on onshore and offshore installations.

The housings are available in 3 versions:

  • Standard version
  • Control cabinet

All enclosure types have an ATEX, an IECEx and, most importantly, an EAC approval and may therefore also be used in Russian-speaking countries.

Ex d Enclosures: The elite in explosion protection

Electronics and electronic components used in the process industry, such as in oil, gas and chemical companies, require explosion protection certification. If the installed components do not have certification, our Ex d enclosures are used.

The Ex d enclosures are capable of withstanding an explosion of the installed components, as well as protecting the components from an external explosion.

Furthermore, the pressurized enclosures are dust-, gas- and water-tight. This makes them suitable for use in areas with a high risk of explosion.

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