Surface finishing technology

Our customers' satisfaction and excellent service are our top priority at ROSE Systemtechnik. We can, on request, supply customised enclosures which harmonise with your company's Corporate Design. This will enable you to position your industrial enclosure conspicuously for PR effect. Our range of services includes:

  • Painting/coating
  • Engraving
  • Printing
  • Special coatings

Pre-treatment of surface material:

The preparation of metal or plastic enclosures for surface enhancement necessitates appropriate pre-treatment, which takes place in a number of operations:

  • Grinding: Grinding of the enclosure surface serves, on the one hand, for visual effect and, on the other hand, as a preparation for special processes, such as screen printing, for example.
  • Blasting, sand-blasting and grouting: These methods are applied to create a perfect enclosure surface.
  • Cleaning: the enclosures are cleaned in our washing machines, in order to remove fouling.
  • Inspection: We perform strict inspections, in order to ensure that the enhancement process takes place without difficulties and in order to assure optimum adhesion of the paint/coating to the substrate.
  • Passivation/corrosion-protection: The enclosure is then passivated, or corrosion-protection is applied, depending on the customer's specification. Passivation is accomplished without the use of chromium, thus achieving a significant increase in basic corrosion-protection.

The final step in preparation for painting is individual taping off of the enclosures to the customer's specifications, in order to keep specific areas of the enclosure free of paint.

Pre-treatment of surface material:

Enhancement of the surface

Paint is applied to our display, operating and industrial enclosures, and also to our Ex equipment, either in liquid or in powder-coating form on our internal machines.


  • The powder-coating of our metal enclosures makes use of an electrostatic process, in which the electrically charged powder particles are deposited on and adhere to the substrate surface.
  • We can apply 300 different colours with various textures and with various degrees of gloss, to meet our customers' individual styling wishes.
  • The use of high-quality polyester powder-coatings assures improved UV protection. We also use nano-coating processes, which are applied to the interior of our Ex d enclosures, in particular. This permits expulsion of water from the enclosure.

Wet painting:

  • We predominantly use solvent-based paint systems for shipbuilding and military orders, due to the high corrosion-protection and chemical resistance provided by such systems.
  • Up to 30% of paint application in our internal paintshop now uses special water-based paints, which are applied, in particular, for railway technology.
  • We cooperate closely with renowned paint manufacturers, including Mankiewicz and Weilburger, in order to achieve optimum results.
Enhancement of the surface

Surface finishing

We can, on request, customise your terminal box with a company logo, legends, or a special label. Various methods are available for this, including engraving – in colour, if required – and also screen or pad printing.

  • In screen-printing, the printing ink is pressed onto the substrate material through a fine-meshed fabric screen using a rubber blade (the porous printing process). 
  • Pad printing is an indirect intaglio printing process. The ink is located in a lower-lying print sector in the surface of the printing plate. A printing pad absorbs the ink for the print sector and transfers it to the substrate to be printed.

We apply quality inspections on our industrial, Ex, display and operating enclosures from the very first to the very last production stage, in order to assure best possible product quality.


Surface finishing