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For almost 50 years ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH has been developing and producing high-quality industrial enclosures and system solutions for machine and plant construction, automation technology, hazardous areas (Ex), instrumentation and control technology as well as for the food and luxury food industry. We have six entities in Europe and Asia. The same production conditions prevail at all plants as at the headquarters in Porta Westfalica. We are constantly looking for new suppliers, innovative partners with whom we can develop and shape the future together. Are you interested? Please contact us.

Commodity Mechanics

  • Steel construction (stainless steel, steel, aluminum, profiles and flat products)
  • Sheet metal working (punching, bending, edging, laser and welding, surface coatings)
  • Mechanical processing (turned and milled parts, machining of casting parts incl. surface treatment
  • Non-cutting machining parts (punched parts, bent parts and pressed parts)
  • DIN and standardard parts (primarily fasteners)
  • Enclosures accessories (hinges, locks, bolts, door latches, gaskets, O-Rings, stainless steel tag plates and stickers, rubber and plastic parts)
  • Castings (investment casting, chill casting, low-pressure and die-cast aluminium including tools)
  • Cable glands, blind- drainage and sealing plugs, pressure compensation elements, locknuts (material: PA, brass, stainless steel also with EX approval)
Commodity Mechanics

Commodity Electronics

  • Project-related electronics (computer technology, Displays: TFT, LCD Technology, Touch Panels: capacitive and resistive, display glass, embedded PC, interfaces, I/O input / output systems, automation technology, software development & design)
  • Various terminals, mounting rails, resistors and bridges
  • Cables and assembled cables
  • PCBs
  • Signal lights, switching modules, turn/light and emergency stop buttons, potentiometers, control and indicating devices
  • Fan
  • Refrigerators
  • Plugs and drains, pressure compensation element (Material: PA, stainless steel, brass)
Commodity Electronics

Commodity Services, indirect Material & Others

  • Facility Management
  • IT (Software & Hardware)
  • Telecommunications
  • Marketing
  • Construction Services
  • Machines (Turn & Mill, marking lasers, stud welding)
  • Office supplies, canteen and workshop needs
  • excipient and operational materials
  • Consumables
  • Measuring and testing equipment
  • Packaging (pallets, case packs, air cushions, polybags and tubular films)
  • Vehicles
Commodity Services, indirect Material & Others