Logistics and procurement

ROSE Systemtechnik is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial, control and display enclosures and of various components for the Ex sector. The company has six locations in Europe and Asia. The same production conditions as at the home plant in Porta Westfalica are also maintained at all locations, enabling us to deliver constantly high quality for you anywhere in the world.

Production locations in Europe

ROSE Systemtechnik has two other production locations in Europe, in addition to the home location at Porta Westfalica. These are the plant at Finow (Germany) and the largest production site, at Kesckemét (Hungary).

ROSE ships its products and components worldwide. Total shipping volume is around 250 tonnes. Some 6,000 shipments leave our parent plant each month.

Half of these shipments are for destinations in Germany. A third of the remainder is destined for the EU countries and the other two thirds for destinations outside Europe. Around 900 shipments are for customers where customs duties are payable. 

Production locations in Europe

Production locations in Asia

ROSE has two further production locations outside the EU territories: in India, employing 500 persons, and in Singapore, where thirty persons are employed. There is also another corporate location in China. We can thus assure:

  • Short, rapid deliveries to customers in the Asia region
  • The familiar trusted ROSE standard of know-how and quality
  • Supply to the Asia region at the same constant product quality
  • Regular interchange of materials, components and enclosures between Porta Westfalica and Asia, on a monthly basis, at a rate of fifteen containers per month

The locations in Asia produce only industrial enclosures and operating and display enclosures in certain materials: 

  • India: Aluminium, polyester and stainless steel
  • Singapore: Stainless steel
Production locations in Asia

This is how our products arrive quickly

We can use all routes and modes of transport, including sea, air and road transport. Fast delivery is part of the standard ROSE Systemtechnik service:

  • We deliver directly from production to the customer, and can thus assure fast delivery times and short transportation routes.
  • Dachser is our dependable freight partner for the whole of Europe.
  • We can, if the customer wishes, also consolidate the shipment, in order that you receive your complete delivery all at once.
This is how our products arrive quickly