ROSE solutions for the field of e-mobility

Only by treating the environment with care and making optimum use of resources will it be possible to counter global environmental problems - such as climate change.

An important component in achieving this goal is electromobility. The use of electric cars can reduce emissions and pave the way toward climate-friendly mobility.

The prerequisite for this is a well-developed charging infrastructure. This is the only way to ensure the widespread use of electric vehicles.

The optimal housing for every area

When it comes to withstanding adverse environments and protecting the inside of the enclosure, ROSE Systemtechnik is a reliable partner with its products.

For more than 50 years, our housings have proven themselves in all industries. Regular internal and external tests and inspections ensure the high quality of our product portfolio.

Special housings from ROSE Systemtechnik

In order to offer an optimal enclosure solution, we are specialists when it comes to implementing specific customer requirements.

We see ourselves not just as a supplier, but as a solution partner.

Contact us and you can be sure that we will not only provide you with a product, but that we will develop the optimal solution - tailored to your individual needs - together with you.

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Standard housing for every application

The standard enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik are offered in a wide variety of materials and are used in many areas of application. Thanks to our many years of expertise, we know the requirements for the housings very well. Our standard housings are offered as empty housings. Thanks to high availability and short delivery times, the empty enclosures are promptly at your site and ready for use.

All empty housings can be individually processed and assembled according to customer specifications on request. Thus, the housings can be painted, engraved, lasered or printed with the own company logo according to your taste.

Solutions for wallboxes

The topic of electric cars has gained more and more momentum in recent years. The cars have long since become part of everyday life in road traffic. One reason for the increasingly widespread use of e-cars is their convenient and uncomplicated charging. Electric cars can now be easily charged at home. A fast and efficient way to do this is to charge via a wallbox.

Wallboxes can transmit power of up to 22kW to the car. This makes it possible to completely charge the battery within a few hours. It should be noted that wallboxes with a power of more than 11kW are subject to approval in some federal states.

ROSE offers a wide variety of housing variants that can be used for a wallbox. All housings provide comprehensive protection for the installed components.

The housings can be customized individually. We will gladly take care of your individual customer requirements.

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Solutions for charging stations

In public, but also in semi-public areas, charging stations offer a convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. The charging stations are usually equipped with 2 sockets. This allows 2 cars to be charged in parallel. Due to the high charging power, the battery of the electric car can be fully charged within a few minutes.

Charging stations are usually located outdoors. This means that they are permanently exposed to strong environmental influences such as wind, water or UV radiation. Thanks to many years of experience in enclosure design for a wide range of industries, you can be sure that the charging pole will remain functional in the long term.

Individual needs in terms of size or color design are also no problem in the field of charging columns. We can help you design your very own charging pole.

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Charging infrastructure and eligibility

An important pillar for even greater acceptance of electromobility is the steady expansion of the charging infrastructure. When traveling long distances, it must be ensured that the next charging station is available in sufficient proximity.

The German government's funding programs are constantly working to ensure that charging stations are available throughout the country.

Anyone wishing to purchase a wallbox for private use receives a flat-rate subsidy of €900 per charging point. The subsidy covers the purchase and installation of the wallbox as well as the costs of an energy management system to control the charging station. Further information can be found on the website of the KfW.


The number of charging points is steadily increasing.

Currently exist:

46.750 Charging stations

Germany wide

Status: August 2021

Source: Bundesnetzagentur

Customized products

The requirements for enclosures can be very different - just like the areas of application in which the enclosures are used.

For example, in cooperation with a customer, a housing was developed for a WLAN amplifier that has to withstand the influences of a typical large city, such as brake dust or vehicle oils.

Within a short time, the first prototypes could be delivered to the customer and further specifications to the requirements of the final product could be determined.

After coordinated protection type and impact resistance tests, the development of the product - tailored to the customer's needs - was finalized.

Customized products

Different solutions from standard enclosures

If the external conditions do not allow the wallbox to be mounted on a wall, a solution on a stand can be a remedy. In this case, the box is mounted on a stable base. Such solutions are often found in commercial areas or car parks.

Our standard solutions can also be used for wall mounting. Without taking up much space, the wallbox as a double charger offers the possibility to charge 2 vehicles at the same time.

Small and compact, it can be used as a single-charger wall box. When space is at a premium, this is the optimal solution for conveniently charging your electric car.

Different variants and solutions inspired by the SL 4000

As a complete charging station solution, aluminum profile housings can be installed on semi-public sites, such as company parking lots. The compact and elegant design can be processed as desired.

A solution with a stand can also be considered for aluminum profile housing. This free-standing variant of a wallbox combines a prestigious look with a tasteful exterior.

Just like our standard housings, the aluminum profile housing is also suitable for wall mounting. Due to the compact dimensions, this solution also finds its fixed place comfortably in smaller garages or carports.

Charging options - AC / DC charging

AC means Alternating Current and stands for alternating current.

The battery of an electric car can basically only accept direct current, but the public power grid only provides alternating current (AC). In order to transfer the current to the battery, a conversion from alternating to direct current must take place. This is done via the charge controller (on-board charger) in the vehicle.

DC means direct current and stands for direct current.

Some electric cars offer the option of being charged at direct current or DC charging stations. Here, the current goes directly into the battery, as the conversion of the current already takes place in the charging station. The power of the station is much higher than that of charging stations that charge with alternating current. This can significantly shorten the charging process.

Plug types

Different types of plugs are used to connect the charging pole or the wallbox to the electric vehicle.

The type 1 plug is rather rare in Europe. This model is more widespread in North America and Asia. The 1-phase plug achieves charging powers of up to 7.4 kW. Since Europe has a 3-phase power grid that makes a much higher charging capacity possible, this type of plug is increasingly disappearing from the European market. Car models from these countries usually come with charging cables with two connections (a 1-phase plug for the electric car and a Type 2 plug for the wallbox or charging station) so that European charging stations can also be used.

  • Maximum charging power: 7.4kW
  • Charging cable required: Mode 3
  • Supported charging option: AC charging

CE conformity

Especially in the field of charging stations, the topic of CE marking plays a major role. According to European law, it is not permitted to place a product on the market without this marking. 

On the European market, there are directives that help to ensure that products meet common safety standards. In order to be able to apply these directives in the respective countries, there are (harmonized) standards that ensure compliance with the directives and, if necessary, extend them.It is therefore essential to check before development whether a product is subject to one or more directives. In case of doubt, you should seek advice from a specialist, because the following applies: Either I have to label my product, or I am not allowed to!On the whole, the question is, do I manufacture a finished product or is it a component. Components, such as our empty housings, do not fall under the obligation of a CE marking, because they are not connectable devices, but this does not absolve you from adhering to common standards and the "state of the art". Even in the case of a component, it is important to know your target market and the relevant directives and standards.Ultimately, the customer must be able to rely on the fact that his finished device, in which our components are installed, has all the safety features that are required.The fact is that the person who introduces a device to the market (places it on the market), whether as a dealer or as a manufacturer, assumes responsibility for the product and certifies that the product complies with all current regulations.In fact, no product may be placed on the market that does not have a CE marking.You can find more detailed information here: /

As this topic seems to be very extensive, we would like to support you as a customer in declaring your product CE-compliant. On the whole, it sounds more complicated than it really is. 

There are certain things you have to think about when you want to introduce a product to the market in accordance with European or German law. As a manufacturer and competent solution partner for the area of enclosures, we have already been able to gain some experience in this area and would like to support you, our customer, in this topic as well. The market for wallboxes is of particular interest to us. Especially for this market, we have designed a guideline with which we can carry out the conformity assessment together with you, so that nothing can stop the introduction of your product into the market. We will also be happy to advise you in advance and support you in your planning. Contact us and together we will make your product ready for the market.

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