History of ROSE


ROSE was founded under the name "ROSE-Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG".
The core business after founding was our aluminium enclosure, the industrial standard for enclosures.


Introduction of the polycarbonate enclosures product group.


ROSE supplies more than 5,000 customers around the world. Some 30% of production is exported.


Introduction of the Ex enclosures product group, using aluminium and polyester materials.


Introduction of a new product group, supports.


Introduction of an new product division, electronics enclosures. The first product group here are Profitronic enclosures.

Completion and opening of the new warehouse and sales building. This building is located on a 7,000 m2 site. The building has a surface area of 2000 m2, subdivided into 1,300 m2 of storage area and 700 m2 of shipment department space.


Introduction of a new warehousing system, ROSE being one of Germany's first companies to integrate a spiral chute conveyor. This moves on rails between the racks, for easier picking of the individual items.


Opening of the new plant on Erbeweg, on a total surface area of 37,000 m2. Investment of a total of 16 million DM. The background can be found in pronounced growth in the previous nine years, from 80 to 300 employees, and a product range of more than 500 different enclosure types.


ROSE opens its plant in Finow, trading as Phoenix Finow Elektrotechnik GmbH.


Initial obtainment of TÜV (Technical Inspectorate) certification for our quality-assurance system. This certificate testifies to excellent quality assurance in all departments of the company.


ROSE Gehäusetechnik GmbH is renamed ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG.


Introduction of a new product group, fire-protection enclosures, in the form of the E 30 fire-protection enclosure.


Introduction of the new Commander SL 4000.
The SL 4000 is one of the most modular control enclosure systems currently available on the market, and protects extensions at Degree of Protection IP65.

2010 - 2011

Introduction of a new product group, railway-technology enclosures.

ROSE polyester, stainless-steel and aluminium enclosure systems have a broad range of potential uses. In many locations, they protect safety- and functionally relevant technology, and are thus an important element in rail-transport technology.