Ex d Enclosure Series

ROSE supplies flameproof enclosures in various sizes and types for use in various gas groups and service-temperature ranges. The enclosure experts from Porta Westfalica thus provide industry with a broad range of solutions for the safe and reliable encapsulation of electrical equipment.

Whether as simple distribution boxes for energy, sensor signals or complex control systems – ROSE’s Ex d Enclosures cover an extremely large and diverse range of requirements in industrial environments. All the aluminium enclosures of the TBE, EJB, GUB and IJB series comply with degree of protection IP66 in acc. with DIN EN 60529, signifying that they are dust-tight and water-tight.

ROSE’s Ex d Enclosures are used, in particular, in the processing industry, in oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals companies, for example. They are also used in control and instrumentation applications. ROSE supplies in its Ex d range both stainless-steel and aluminium enclosures. Customised modifications and/or surface finishes – including sight glasses and paint systems – can also be implemented, depending on the particular type of enclosure. ROSE can, at the request of customers, also produce special enclosures, and can perform all machining, and installation of products.