More user-friendliness and ergonomics in the workplace – Control Enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik

Stationary operating systems from ROSE Systemtechnik offer you extensive options for the individual and ergonomic design of your workplaces. The wide range of operating systems can be found particularly in automation technology and wherever HMI applications take place.

In order to be able to respond to your wishes and requirements, our operating systems offer a wide range of processing options. In addition to a display, a membrane keyboard and several buttons can be installed in the front panel.

Rose Systemtechnik - SL 4000

In areas of application where the sensitive technology must be particularly protected, but an industrial PC is indispensable, use our control enclosures. They are based on standard aluminium enclosures and aluminium profiles and are extremely robust.

Rose Systemtechnik - Steuergehäuse Edelstahl

The Commander control housings are also available in stainless steel and are particularly suitable for automation systems in hygienic areas, such as food production. The control housings are particularly characterised by the high material quality of the stainless steel.


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Control enclosures for demanding areas of application

The Commander control enclosure series feels at home in areas where sensitive technology needs special protection, but where an industrial PC is essential. They are based on the lower part of the standard aluminium housing and are particularly robust. They are full-fledged HMI control units, with the additional advantage that they have an impact resistance of 7 joules and thus optimally protect the sensitive electronics.

The Commander control enclosures are also available in stainless steel and are particularly suitable for automation systems in hygienic areas such as food production. The control housings are particularly characterized by the high material quality of the stainless steel.

The SL 4000 control enclosure is a real highlight

The SL 4000 control enclosure is a product that takes a big step towards Industry 4.0 and shines with unprecedented processing and customization options. It is the youngest family member after SL 2000 and SL 3000. Thanks to the intelligent construction of aluminium profiles, there are no limits in height and width. It is the most flexible control housing in our entire product range. The maximum installation depth is 270 mm.

The front panel offers plenty of space for installations such as displays or switches and membrane keyboards. There is plenty of space on the back and side for various interfaces, such as USB interfaces or sockets.

Ergonomic workplace design through control enclosures in combination with support arm systems

Our support arm systems ensure optimal installation. They enable ergonomic work at the workplace through versatile adjustment options. This enables the user to adjust the height of his HMI control unit, as well as to turn and swivel it. If you have to move your industrial computer a lot, you can also take your stand system, which is optionally available with castors. You can also match it with suspension systems or with swivel arms made of stainless steel from our product range.

All of our stationary control enclosures have protection class IP65 and are therefore water and dustproof. Of course, it is also possible to paint or powder each of the above-mentioned enclosures in your desired colour. The screen printing of your company logo is also no problem.

Have we piqued your interest? Then visit our product configurator and configure your individual control housing and let us make you an attractive offer.

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