SL 2000

The SL 2000 is a control enclosure based on aluminium profiles with die-cast corner elements and a timeless styling.
A wide surround frame serves as a handle and, in combination with an exterior plastic strip, provides particularly effective protection for the installed control components.

Degree of protection is IP 65 in acc. with EN 60529.

The SL 2000 is available in three enclosure depths, of 90 mm, 120 mm and 195 mm. Enclosure height and width can be selected individually up to a maximum overall size of 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm x 195 mm.

The rear panel of the SL 2000 can be designed hinged as a door, or screw-fixed to the profiles. Displays, control systems, buttons and membrane keypads can be installed via the front panel. In addition, the side profiles and the rear panel can also be used for the installation of additional components, such as interface inserts, for example.

For the SL 2000, ROSE also provides an individual preparation service, extending from machining and equipping in acc. with the customer’s specifications, up to and including a customised paint finish.


  • Industrial control units and PCs

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
19501900SL 2000-1329545195
19501901SL 2000-2329545195
19506500SL 2000-332954590
19506501SL 2000-432954590
19509500SL 2000-5329545120
19509501SL 2000-6329545120
19511900SL 2000-7374545195
19511901SL 2000-8374545195
19516500SL 2000-937454590
19516501SL 2000-1037454590
19519500SL 2000-11374545120
19519501SL 2000-12374545120
19521900SL 2000-13418545195
19521901SL 2000-14418545195
19526500SL 2000-1541854590
19526501SL 2000-1641854590
19529500SL 2000-17418545120
19529501SL 2000-18418545120
19536500SL 2000-1921754590
19536501SL 2000-2021754590
19539500SL 2000-21217545120
19539501SL 2000-22217545120
19591900SL 2000-23 So--195
19591901SL 2000-24 So--195
19596500SL 2000-25 So--90
19596501SL 2000-26 So--90
19599500SL 2000-27 So--120
19599501SL 2000-28 So--120

Due to its modern design, the SL5000 clearly stands out from previous control housings and still convinces with its high flexibility and modularity.

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