The plant in India

Phoenix Mecano India Pvt. Ltd. was founded to the west of Mumbai in 1994, in order to develop the local Indian market for the Phoenix Mecano group’s products and to supply the production locations in Europe with die-cast aluminium enclosures.

India now produces not only die-cast aluminium, but also polyester and stainless-steel enclosures, and has evolved into the most important supplier globally for the ROSE production facilities. A highly capable development team, focussing on flame- and explosion-proof enclosures (Ex d) is also available in India, in addition to the production activities.

Larger customer-specific series are also produced in their entirety in India. The production lines are being continuously improved, and lean management is an elemental part of the management culture. Close cooperation with the German team, and also regular training events at ROSE Systemtechnik in Germany, assure the availability in India of great know-how for maintenance of ROSE’s high standards.

PM India is now a leading supplier of components and services for demanding industrial environments, in both India and the entire Asia region. The complete scope, from development up to and including delivery to the customer, can be furnished here from a single location, including all necessary development, production and inspection activities. A high-quality laboratory has been set up specifically for this purpose.

PM India’s production department has already successfully passed numerous audits by renowned customers. Maintenance of the quality-management system is centrally monitored by ROSE Systemtechnik and is confirmed impartially by means of group certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. Top quality, highly trained staff and a modern range of machines incorporating the latest technologies characterise production operations in India.