Ex enclosures in the chemical industry

The chemical industry manufactures products or substances that are required for further processing in other sectors of the economy, for example in the plastics or food industry as well as in automotive, mechanical and plant engineering. Natural raw materials are converted into synthetic raw materials.

When electrical components are used in machines and systems in the chemical industry, they must be protected against contact with aggressive media, and chemical processes often lead to the formation of explosive dusts or gases. This is because many chemical products harbour a high fire risk. Some of them are highly flammable or very sensitive to mechanical stress. This is why explosion protection is particularly important in this industry.

Hot surfaces, electrical sparks or arcs, but also electrostatic discharges are potential ignition sources that must be avoided or safely encapsulated in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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Application examples:

We have specialised in Ex projects for many years and offer, among other things

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Control Stations


ROSE Systemtechnik offers various Ex enclosures, Ex support arm systems or Ex commanders made of stainless steel for the chemical industry. This allows electrical distribution systems, parts, components or small devices to be safely encapsulated. On request, we can customise our products precisely to your requirements.

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Our Ex enclosures at a glance

Rose Systemtechnik - Ex d Gehäuseserien
Ex Polyglas Gehäuse von ROSE Systemtechnik in schwarz
Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Edelstahl
Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Aluminium
Rose Systemtechnik - Ex Control Stations

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