Ex Aluminium

The Ex aluminium range comprises standard and flange enclosures in the form of pre-assembled Ex terminal enclosures with approved terminal blocks, cable glands and accessories for the intrinsically safe (Ex ia) and increased (EX e) safety-zone applications, and Ex component-certified empty enclosures for individual equipping.

A broad range of products is available, in sizes from 64 x 58 x 34 mm to 600 x 600 x 200 mm.

Thanks to their robust design, aluminium Ex enclosures are suitable for universal use in aggressive environments and in various climate zones.

The enclosure body consists of die-cast aluminium AlSi 12. The lid and the base are screwed together by means of tethered stainless-steel lid screws. The external connection for protective conductors also consists of stainless steel.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

Explosion protection

II 2G Ex eb IIC T6/T5/T4 Gb
II 2G Ex ia IIC T6/T5/T4 Gb
II 2G Ex db eb ia [ia] mb IIC T6/T5/T4 Gb
II 3G Ex eb db mb ia [ia Ga] nA nC [op is] IIC T6, T5, T4 Gc
II 2D Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C/T135°C Db IP66
ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
05060603Ex e645834
05061003Ex e649834
05061503Ex e6415034
05080806Ex e807557
05081306Ex e8012557
05081806Ex e8017557
05082505Ex e8025052
05101008Ex e10010081
05101608Ex e10016081
05102008Ex e10020081
05121208Ex e12012281
05121209Ex e12012291
05122208Ex e12022081
05122209Ex e12022091
05123608Ex e12036081
05141409Ex e14014091
05142009Ex e14020091
05161609Ex e16016091
05162609Ex e16026091
05163609Ex e16036091
05165609Ex e16056091
05181810Ex e180180101
05182810Ex e180280101
05231011Ex e230100111
05232011Ex e232202111
05232018Ex e232202181
05232811Ex e230280111
05233311Ex e230330111
05233318Ex e230330181
05234011Ex e230400111
05234023Ex e230400225
05236011Ex e230600111
05314011Ex e313404111
05314014Ex e312403141
05314018Ex e313404181
05314023Ex e313404227
05316011Ex e310600111
05316018Ex e310600181
05606020Ex e600600202
15060603Ex ia645834
15061003Ex ia649834
15061503Ex ia6415034
15080806Ex ia807557
15081306Ex ia8012557
15081806Ex ia8017557
15082505Ex ia8025052
15101008Ex ia10010081
15101608Ex ia10016081
15102008Ex ia10020081
15121208Ex ia12012281
15121209Ex ia12012291
15122208Ex ia12022081
15122209Ex ia12022091
15123608Ex ia12036081
15141409Ex ia14014091
15142009Ex ia14020091
15161609Ex ia16016091
15162609Ex ia16026091
15163609Ex ia16036091
15165609Ex ia16056091
15181810Ex ia180180101
15182810Ex ia180280101
15231011Ex ia230100111
15232011Ex ia232202111
15232018Ex ia232202181
15232811Ex ia230280111
15233311Ex ia230330111
15233318Ex ia230330181
15234011Ex ia230400111
15234023Ex ia230400225
15236011Ex ia230600111
15314011Ex ia313404111
15314014Ex ia312403141
15314018Ex ia313404181
15314023Ex ia313404227
15316011Ex ia310600111
15316018Ex ia310600181
15606020Ex ia600600202
25060603Ex empty645834
25061003Ex empty649834
25061503Ex empty6415034
25080806Ex empty807557
25081306Ex empty8012557
25081806Ex empty8017557
25082505Ex empty8025052
25101008Ex empty10010081
25101608Ex empty10016081
25102008Ex empty10020081
25121208Ex empty12012281
25121209Ex empty12012291
25122208Ex empty12022081
25122209Ex empty12022091
25123608Ex empty12036081
25141409Ex empty14014091
25142009Ex empty14020091
25161609Ex empty16016091
25162609Ex empty16026091
25163609Ex empty16036091
25165609Ex empty16056091
25181810Ex empty180180101
25182810Ex empty180280101
25231011Ex empty230100111
25232011Ex empty232202111
25232018Ex empty232202181
25232811Ex empty230280111
25233311Ex empty230330111
25233318Ex empty230330181
25234011Ex empty230400111
25234023Ex empty230400225
25236011Ex empty230600111
25314011Ex empty313404111
25314014Ex empty312403141
25314018Ex empty313404181
25314023Ex empty313404227
25316011Ex empty310600111
25316018Ex empty310600181
25606020Ex empty600600202

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