Laboratory for protection class and environmental testing of our enclosures

ROSE Systemtechnik manufactures robust industrial enclosures in which sensitive electronics are optimally protected even under the most adverse conditions.  The high quality of our enclosures is assured by means of regular tests, including, for example, IP degree of protection tests, and environmental tests.

The environmental tests indicate how external influences affect ageing of the enclosure.

In-house laboratory

ROSE Systemtechnik has its own laboratory with a diverse range of test equipment in order to permit the performance of all IP degree-of-protection tests and environmental tests under standardised conditions. This equipment includes, inter alia 

  • Thermal and dust chamber
  • Corrosion-testing instrument
  • Climatic cabinets
  • Immersion pool

Tests in acc. with widely applicable standards

Our tests are based on the following relevant standards: 

  • DIN EN 60529
  • DIN EN 60068
  • DIN EN 60079
  • DIN EN ISO 9227 

A complete list showing all relevant standards for industrial enclosures can be viewed here