ROSE Systemtechnik's industrial, display and operating enclosures, and also its Ex equipment, are used in the most diverse range of industries, applications and environments. We fabricate our metal and plastic enclosures in accordance with individual specifications and from various materials, including, for example:

  • Polyester
  • ABS
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium extrusions
  • Stainless steel

To assure fulfilment of our customers' special requirements, we also perform machining of industrial enclosures and operating and control units as an additional service.

Individual industrial, Ex, operating and control enclosures

We perform modifications and machining of customised enclosures individually for every order, from one-off to series production runs. Our highly qualified specialist staff have a modern range of machines at their disposal for this purpose.

We can make use of a broad range of potentials for the design of our industrial enclosures, and implement all our customers' wishes, depending on needs and application, from simple up to and including complex machining operations. We will be pleased to advise you on our machining options, in order to assure the best possible results.

Individual industrial, Ex, operating and control enclosures

Machining potentials

We can perform the most diverse range of machining operations for our metal and plastic enclosures, including, for example:

  • Milling: We mill industrial, operating and display enclosures individually to conform to our customers' specifications. Our modern CNC machines permit ultra-precise filigree machining. The machine scans the enclosure and permits extremely fine milling of the surface, for preparatory accommodation of a membrane keypad with no projection, for example.
  • Drilling, thread-cutting and back countersinking: We have a broad range of machining options, in order to adapt our enclosures precisely to our customers' requirements: from standard thread-cutting, up to and including more complex back countersinking using special tools.
  • Engraving: Another important design option for our enclosures and operating and control equipment is individual engraving to the customer's requirements. Engraving can be performed simultaneously with machining. We can engrave images or texts in various typefaces, shapes and colours.
  • Laser machining: We use the latest technologies – including laser machining of our enclosures, for example – to assure best possible service for our customers.
Machining potentials

Laser machining

We use laser technology within our internal range of machines to machine and label our industrial enclosures, enabling us to meet all our customers' wishes efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Laser cutting is a thermal cutting procedure using a laser beam. This technology makes it possible to achieve even complex geometries accurately and quickly, assuring best possible material efficiency, with little waste.
  • The high-power CO2 laser in our laser-cutting machine enables us to machine all sides of our stainless-steel enclosures and to shape the lid and base. 
  • Unlike laser printing, in which a low-power laser beam merely controls the application of the pigment to the material to be printed, laser marking modifies the actual material to be labelled.
  • We use our laser marking machine to produce individual rating plates.
  • We can, on request, apply these plates directly to the terminal box or the enclosure lid.
  • One decisive benefit of laser marking is that it cannot be removed, as overprints or adhesive labels can, for example. It is thus more forgery-proof and remains unharmed even after long service periods in aggressive environments.
Laser machining