SL 5000

Due to its modern design, the SL5000 clearly stands out from previous control housings and is convincing nevertheless due to its high
flexibility and modularity. Four different profiles in combination allow a wide variety of applications and profile depths – optionally as a
front or rear door version.

The contour of the profiles offer a very high rigidity, whereby different dimensions in height and width can be realized, also in combina-
tion with an additional desk housing.

The front can be designed as a classic front plate as well as a full-surface glass front or as a combination with dividers.
The high degree of protection, individual colouring and mechanical processing round off the SL5000.

Fields of Application


DimensionsVariable in width and height
Installation depths40 mm – 270 mm
ColouringRAL7035 / Individual colouring
Protection classIP 54 acc. to EN 60529
GasketCR-round cord
Temp.-application area-30 °C to +80 °C
Support arm connectionBack wall / side A/B

Due to the constructive structure of the profiles, all profiles can be individually combined with each other and thus enable significantly more applications.

Single profileInstallation depth
Profile 4X39,8mm
Profile 6X54,5mm
Profile 9X87,5mm
Profile 13X131,5mm
Profile combinationInstallation depthGT connectionOpening profile combination
4X + 4X72,4mmRear wallfront
4X + 6X87,1mmRear wallfront
4X + 9X120,1mm9Xfront
4X + 13X164,1mm13Xfront
6X + 4X87,1mmRear wallfront
6X + 6X101,8mmRear wallfront
6X + 9X134,8mm9Xfront
6X + 13X178,8mm13Xfront
9X + 4X120,1mm9Xback
9X + 6X134,8mm9Xback
9X + 9X167,8mm9Xfront / back
9X + 13X211,8mm13Xfront
13X + 4X164,1mm13Xback
13X + 6X178,8mm13Xback
13X + 9X211,8mm13Xback
13X + 13X255,8mm13X

Front plate / rear wall

The front plate as well as the rear wall are made of aluminium with a thickness of 3 mm.

The front plate can be screwed.

The rear wall can be screwed or hinged.

For hinged profile combinations, a screwed rear wall must be selected for reasons of stability!

Editing options

The front plate, rear wall and profiles can be individually machined depending on the occupancy area.

Umriss eines Panel PCs

Front plate with cut-out for built-in control and holes for push-buttons

Umriss eines Panel PCs

Lateral profile machining for Euchner EKS or e.g. interface flaps


A standard divider profile was designed for the SL5000 to allow more application possibilities without cost-intensive special constructions.

Rear wall:

Desk version

With the SL5000, it is also possible to use an additional housing as a console housing (e.g. for button integration).

The connection of the console housing:

The profile contour of the SL5000 makes it possible to attach a console housing laterally (side C or D).


The following core information is required for the correct composition of an SL5000:

Connection of equipment support systems

The connection to our equipment carrier systems / third-party systems depends on the selected profiles of the SL5000. For example, the smallest profile depths (profile 4X and 6X) can only be connected via the rear wall, as the couplings of the equipment support systems do not offer sufficient space on side A/B. Individual processing for third-party systems/VESA is possible, but must be checked!

ProfileConnection siteSupport Arm System
Profil 4XRear panelFPA
Profil 6XRear panelFPA
Profil 9XSite A/B and Rear panelGT 48/2 ; GTS ; FPA
Profil 13XSite A/B and Rear panelGT 48/2 ; GTS ; GTN II ; FPA

Tobias Büsching

Product Manager HMI
Tobias Büsching

Patrick Bartsch

Inside Sales Specialist
Patrick Bartsch, Ansprechpartner bei ROSE Systemtechnik

Lennart Finke

HMI Sales International
Lennart Finke, Ansprechpartner bei ROSE Systemtechnik

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