The new C450 stainless steel control enclosure is based on the already successful RMS stainless steel enclosure series and offers a simple alternative to costly self-made solutions.

The C450 is characterized by the high surface quality, the high-quality handle variants and the large selection of different control enclosure sizes. The highlight of the C450 is the glued-in „reinforcing plate”, which makes it possible that no welding spots are visible anymore. In addition, it has earthing lugs that can be bent up if necessary to create additional earthing points.

The stainless steel material of the C450 control enclosure offers a high degree of customization through individual laser processing, different handle design versions and optional additional locking systems.

In combination with the GTH easy support arm system, the C450 control enclosure offers the perfect solution for your individual requirements. The control system is particularly suitable for use in general mechanical and plant engineering with a focus on packaging machines as well as in areas of the food and luxury food industry.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
56450101C450 KG2, 300x400x120300400120
56450102C450 BG2, 300x400x120300400120
56450103C450 BG1, 300x400x120300400120
56450104C450 customized, 300x400x120300400120
56450201C450 KG2, 300x400x160300400160
56450202C450 BG2, 300x400x160300400160
56450203C450 BG1, 300x400x160300400160
56450204C450 customized, 300x400x160300400160
56450301C450 KG2, 400x400x160400400160
56450302C450 BG2, 400x400x160400400160
56450303C450 BG1, 400x400x160400400160
56450304C450 customized, 400x400x160400400160
56450401C450 KG2, 300x500x200300500200
56450402C450 BG2, 300x500x200300500200
56450403C450 BG1, 300x500x200300500200
56450404C450 customized, 300x500x200300500200
56450501C450 KG2, 500x500x200500500200
56450502C450 BG2, 500x500x200500500200
56450503C450 BG1, 500x500x200500500200
56450504C450 customized, 500x500x200500500200
Rose Systemtechnik - Commander 410

This stainless-steel control enclosure is particularly suitable for use in intensively cleaned locations.

Anzeigengehäuse aus Edelstahl

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