Enclosures of automation and control systems

Beluga handheld operating enclosures make setting-up and control of machines and systems easier, and thus boost flexibility in production. Thanks to their robust construction and high IP 65 degree of protection, Beluga enclosures provide ideal preconditions for use in applications such as: Machine operation and control, Setting-up work and condition diagnosis, Crane control systems, Measuring systems in harsh environments and outdoors, Display enclosures and Measuring instruments.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

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Beluga 180

ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
27020200Beluga 180 O18710650
27020201Beluga 180 G18710650

Beluga 220

ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
27020400Beluga 220 O22011651
27020401Beluga 220 G22011651

Beluga 380

ImageArt.-No.TypeHeight (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)3D DataDrawingRequest
27020501Beluga 38011738068
Rose Systemtechnik - Taguan

Taguan handheld enclosures, thanks to their special structure, permit maximum flexibility of installation.

Rose Systemtechnik - Limanda

The Limanda enclosure system can be used for both mobile and stationary purposes.

Handbediengehäuse Pilot

Robust handheld operating enclosures which safely protect electronics even in harsh environments.

Kabel Knickschutz

Accessories for your handheld enclosure

These enclosures are available in closed and open types for the installation of displays. Display installation is greatly simplified by the variable display-fixing system, which permits the installation of displays of the most diverse dimensions.

The large interior space permits not only the installation of membrane keypads and displays, but also of:

The special feature of the Beluga 380 is the fact that it can be used as a handheld enclosure, a tabletop enclosure (in upright position), a wall-mounted enclosure (wall mounting) or slung on a neck strap.

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