CS-Line – Stainless steel panel PC for hygienic area

The stainless steel panel series was developed primarily for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. The panels meet the hygiene, robustness and reliability requirements demanded by these specific industries.

Our hygienic stainless steel panels are completely enclosed, fanless and IP69 protected all around – they can even be cleaned under high pressure during operation.

A heel-free, chemically hardened and anti-reflective all-glass surface, the food-grade screws and the hygienic seal also allow the use of strong disinfectants and cleaning agents during daily cleaning, so dirt and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

The stainless steel panel PC and also the stainless steel monitor are equipped with a capacitive multi-touch as standard, which can be operated with up to 10 fingers. Even the operation with gloves is completely problem-free, for this the touch is calibrated accordingly.

Through various options, the panel can be configured tailor-made for your requirements.