Flat Panel Adapter

The new flat panel adapter allows control enclosures and panel PCs from all common manufacturers to be connected to a suspension carrier system. The coupling is designed for a maximum load of 25 kg. It has a large cover flap, which allows easy access to the installation space and can be closed with all common fastener drives (e.g. throttle bit, triangular, square, VW E1). The flat panel adapter (turn/tilt coupling) has a tilt range of +/- 20° and can be used with the suspension carrier systems GTH 48 easy (stainless steel), the support arm system GTS (aluminium) and the height adjustment system GTV light.

The Flat Panel Adapter has a modern design, as the control panel is now the figurehead of the entire machine for many machine builders. On request, the enclosure specialists will also individually process the sophisticated design and equip the sides of the connection compartment with holes for cable glands, cable entries or for accommodating hand scanners.

Fields of Application

Product Highlights

ImageArt.-No.TypeRotatableWeight3D DataDrawingRequest
50102010FPA GTS, VESA75Yes1.89 kg
50102020FPA GTS, VESA100Yes1.81 kg
50102099FPA GTS, customizedYes-
50103010FPA GTH easy 48, VESA75Yes2.39 kg
50103020FPA GTH easy 48, VESA100Yes2.31 kg
50103099FPA GTH easy 48, customizedYes-
50202010FPA GTS with inclining adapter, VESA75Yes5.26 kg
50202020FPA GTS with inclining adapter, VESA100Yes5.18 kg
50202099FPA GTS with inclining adapter, customizedYes-
50203010FPA GTH easy 48 with inclining adapter, VESA75Yes5.76 kg
50203020FPA GTH easy 48 with inclining adapter, VESA100Yes5.68 kg
50203099FPA GTH easy 48 with inclining adapter, customizedYes-
50304010FPA GTN II, VESA75Yes4.11 kg
50304020FPA GTN II, VESA100Yes4.03 kg
50304099FPA, GTN II customizedYes-
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