GTV light

The height-adjustable GTV light suspension system is the ideal addition to our GTN II equipment suspension system when it comes to the professional ergonomic design of the interface between men and machine.

There are three main areas of application for the GTV light:

  • Ergonomic workplace design on the machine:
    The machine operator can adjust the panel to his most suitable height and side so that a healthy posture is maintained when operating the machine.
  • More efficient operation of the machine:
    The control housing can be swiveled out of the working area if it interferes with the view of the work area.
  • Safe workplace while operating the machine:
    Easy upward swiveling of the panel, so that the escape route is not restricted.

Thanks to its height adjustability, the GTV light can be moved steplessly in the vertical position over the entire stroke. Afterward, it remains in the desired position on its own.

Thanks to the three different strokes from 400 mm to 600 mm to 800 mm and the integration into the GTN II equipment carrier system, the GTV light support arm system is uniquely versatile on the market. Simple integration into existing GTN II systems is possible without changing the drilling patterns on the machine or the control enclosure. The flexible connection of the system provides additional variability.

The load range up to 25 kg and the IP54 protection class is particularly suitable for accommodating encapsulated panel PCs and small control enclosures. A further advantage is the cable duct, which is separated from mechanical components and thus enables safe cable routing away from crushing and shearing points.

The suspension system is connected to other systems such as GTN II or smaller GTS and GTK electronic suspension systems via adapters. It is also possible to attach the GTV light to a round tube with an outside diameter of 48 mm. This allows encapsulated panel PCs from different manufacturers to be connected.

The installation of the GTV light is characterized by the following points:

  • Simple and quick opening of the cable duct
  • The low dead weight of 6 kg (400 mm variant) enables assembly by one person
  • Adjustable end stops prevent the control housing from colliding with any disturbing nodes.
  • An additional brake fixes the GTV light in the desired position if no continuous adjustment is required.
  • The GTV light can be precisely adjusted to the weight of the attached panel using an adjusting screw.
Included in delivery

Height adjustment incl. fixing material. (Attachment components for connection to the machine and the control enclosure are not included in the scope of delivery).

Technical Data

Life time

20.000 double strokes

Load range

5 - 25 kg


400 / 600 / 800 mm

Ingress protection


Temperature range

up to approx. 80 °C

Product Range
49.84 10 01 Adapter GTS

49.84 10 02 Adapter GT 48/2

49.84 10 03 Adapter GTK electronic

49.84 20 01 GTVlight 400-1

49.84 20 02 GTVlight 400-2

49.84 20 04 GTVlight 400-3

49.84 40 01 GTVlight 600-1

49.84 40 02 GTVlight 600-2

49.84 40 04 GTVlight 600-3

49.84 60 01 GTVlight 800-1

49.84 60 02 GTVlight 800-2

49.84 60 04 GTVlight 800-3