Patented quick change adapter from ROSE Systemtechnik

The unique, patented quick-change adapter "QuickLock" from ROSE Systemtechnik ensures that downtimes due to malfunctions are minimized. This saves valuable production time that would be lost if the panel PC was laboriously replaced.

Further information

Spring contacts for the new generation

The first generation of the QuickLock was a mechanical plug connection that had 24 mechanical contacts and a degree of protection of IP44. The current third generation of the QuickLock now has 100 spring contacts and a degree of protection of IP65.

Thanks to the spring contacts, there is no need to plug in conventional connectors and the mechanical leeway required for the change process is provided. Compared to the first generation, today there are not only connections for the network or USB, but also various other connections. The integrated HDMI interface also offers the option of connecting a second monitor.

Change of the panel PC within a few seconds

With the help of the QuickLock, the panel PC can be changed within a few seconds without tools by just one person. All mechanical and electrical connections are automatically disconnected when the panel is removed and then re-established when the new panel is attached.

For the cabling and setup during the initial installation, IT specialists are required once, after that a panel change is also possible by untrained personnel.

Quick change adapter technology

With the help of a storage medium that is built into the stationary part of the QuickLock, it is possible to store configuration data of the operator station, such as location information. This data can be transmitted to the station when a new panel is installed and can thus be used for the automated, site-specific configuration of the panel. This means that the control unit is immediately ready for use again and long downtimes are avoided.
The mechanical locking, in combination with an E1 lock for activating the operating voltage, ensures double security. As a result, the connection area is safely protected from unauthorized persons.

Quick-change adapter QuickLock in combination with the flat panel adapter

The Flat Panel Adapter from ROSE Systemtechnik combines rotary coupling, inclination adapter and flat control adapter in a single component and is ideally suited for connecting panel PCs or flat control housings.

It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility for customization, such as processing for cable entries, interfaces or a special color scheme. A tilt adjustment of +/- 20 ° can optionally be integrated for an ergonomic workplace design.

In combination with the QuickLock, there is the advantage of a lockable connection area, so that the connections and interfaces of the Industrial Panel PC are easily accessible via a large mounting opening.

A combination with almost all ROSE support arm systems is also possible.
The flat panel adapter and the QuickLock are optically coordinated so that the slim and modern design of the two components go hand in hand.

Technical specifications
External dimensions

192 x 141 x 46 mm

Protection class

IP 65 (when installed)

Spring contacts

100 spring contacts

Various connections

24V DC including reverse polarity protection, RS232, 4x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0, 3x Ethernet, HDMI, 24VDC_out, ATX button, status LED

Connection area

Generous, lockable (connections and interfaces from the PC are
easily accessible)

Reverse polarity protection

Integrated reverse polarity protection

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