ROSE presents the GTV 2.0 height adjustment system

When developing the GTV 2.0, ROSE Systemtechnik took the experiences of the existing system into account. In addition to the increased torsional stiffness and improved positional accuracy, the re-design also stands out thanks to its better price structure. Users also benefit from a simpler assembly process.

GTV 2.0 support arm system convinces with improved functionality and operability

The new GTV 2.0 has three load ranges, from 20 to 60 kg. This means that the system is suitable for supporting medium-heavy to heavy control enclosures and provides excellent suspension properties. Both functionality and operability have been improved even more: For example, the end stops are more stable, and continuous potential equalisation exists. An enlarged cable duct provides more space and greater accessibility.

The system is constructed in such a way that it can be assembled by one person. Screwing takes place after attachment of the GTV 2.0 onto a profile, so there is no more need for a balancing act between holding tight and screwing on. Less effort is also needed for fine adjustment, thanks to an easily accessible adjustment screw. If required, a new integrated friction element allows increased stiffness of the height adjustment, which ensures even better adjustment to the needs of the operator.

Ergonomic workstations thanks to GTV 2.0

The GTV 2.0’s areas of application are machinery and plant engineering and also manufacturing plants in the automotive production sector. The height adjustment system is suitable for the design of ergonomic HMI workplaces, because the operator can flexibly set the control enclosure to the required height. In addition, the control enclosure can be swivelled away from confined work areas.