SL 4000

SL 4000 – the modular enclosure

The SL 4000 is one of the most modular-structured control enclosure systems currently available on the market. It protects installed components with Degree of Protection IP 65.

The system comprises six different aluminium profiles and covers installation depths from 55 mm to 270 mm.

These enclosures are produced with individual heights and widths to meet customers' wishes.

The handle strip integrated into the profiles simplifies system handling.

In the SL 4000, the profiles can be hinged with one another or screw-fixed. This results in eighteen possible different variants of this enclosure.

Displays, control systems, buttons and  membrane keypads can be installed via the front panel.
In addition, the side profiles and the rear panel can also be used for the installation of additional components, such as interface inserts, for example.
For the SL 4000, ROSE also provides an individual preparation service, extending from machining, equipping in acc. with the customer's specifications, up to and including a customised paint finish.

To the SL 4000 product configurator.

Included in delivery

Complete enclosure system incl. corners, seals, fixing elements, rear panel or door, front panel fixing set.

Technical Data


Profile: DIN EN 573 EN AW-AlMgSi

Cast corners: DIN EN AC-AlSi 12 Cu 1 (Fe)


Powder coating or natural anodised, Profile: optional RAL 7035 or natural anodized, Corner element: optional RAL 7035 light grey or RAL 9007, special colour on request

Ingress protection

IP 65 to EN 60529


Material: corner: PE seal

Front plate: CR-seal

Temperature range

-30°C to +80°C

Product configurator


Product Range
Order-No.Tecnical DrawingTypeDatasheetAccessoriesInquiry
20.10 99 99

SL 4000

Fixing set10.03 60 01M5, Set = 8 pcs

Fixing set10.03 60 04M4, Set = 8 pcs

Wall holder20.10 90 30

Hinge set20.10 90 50

Hinge set20.10 90 60

Handle20.60 40 02Length 250 mm for front plate 265-314 mm

Handle20.60 40 03Length 300 mm for front plate 315-364 mm

Handle20.60 40 04Length 350 mm for front plate 365-414 mm

Handle20.60 40 05Length 400 mm for front plate 415-464 mm

Handle20.60 40 06Length 450 mm for front plate 465-514 mm

Handle20.60 40 07Length 500 mm for front plate 515-614 mm

Handle20.60 40 09Length 600 mm for front plate 615-664 mm

Handle20.60 40 10Length 650 mm for front plate 665-714 mm

Handle20.60 40 11Length 700 mm for front plate 715-764 mm

Handle20.60 40 12Length 750 mm for front plate 765-814 mm

Handle20.60 40 13Length 800 mm for front plate from 815 mm

Other accessories see Commander system accessoriesxxxx_Weiteres Zubehör siehe Systemzubehör Commander

P1 + P4 Seite A/B


P1 + P6 Seite A/B


P1 + P6 Seite C/D


P2 + P4 Seite A/B


P2 + P6 Seite A/B


P2 + P6 Seite C/D


P4 + P1 Seite C/D


P4 + P2 Seite C/D


P5 + P4 Seite A/B


P5 + P4 Seite C/D


P5 + P6 Seite A/B


P5 + P6 Seite C/D


Profile P1 side A/B


Profile P1 side C/D


Profile P2 side A/B


Profile P2 side C/D


Profile P3 side A/B


Profile P3 side C/D


Profile P4 side A/B


Profile P4 side C/D


Profil P5 Seite A/B


Profil P5 Seite C/D


Profil P6 Seite A/B


Profil P6 Seite C/D