Suspension System GTV 2.0 – An exclamation mark for ergonomic workplace design

With the introduction of the suspension system GTV 2.0, ROSE Systemtechnik replaces its forerunner GTV, which is already established on the market. Thus, the enclosure manufacturer offers an improved HMI solution for various branches of industry and sets an exclamation mark for ergonomic workplace design.

Thanks to the height adjustability of the GTV 2.0, the control system can be easily adapted to the operator’s needs. It can be moved continuously in the vertical position over the entire stroke and then remains in the desired position. This allows the control system to be swivelled out of the working area to give the operator the best possible freedom of movement and maintain a healthy posture. In addition, an unrestricted view of the working area and a permanent clearance of the escape route are also made possible.

Improved torsional stiffness, potential equalisation and hovering behaviour

Furthermore, the GTV 2.0 is a freely positionable version, in which the outlet of the control system can be either upright or standing. Compared to its forerunner, the GTV 2.0 is characterised by a significant increase in torsional stiffness as well as continuous equipotential bonding and has very good hovering behaviour.

“With the GTV 2.0, we are continuing on our already successful GTV and taking another important step in creating ergonomic workplace designs,” says Tobias Büsching, Productmanager for HMI.

The GTV 2.0 offers a load range of 20-60 kg and is therefore particularly suitable for medium-heavy to heavy control systems. In addition, the lift system can be combined on the machine side with the GTL suspension system and on the operator side with the support arm system GTN II. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect smaller systems such as the GTS or GTK elektronic with an adapter, or even encapsulated Panel PCs from various manufacturers using a 48 mm round tube.

The GTV 2.0 suspension system is suitable for a load range of 20-60 kg

The installation of the GTV 2.0 is characterised above all by the generous cable duct. It has an easy and quick opening and is separated from mechanical components to ensure safe and effective cable routing. Further advantages are the adjustable ground stops, which prevent the control system from colliding with possible interference nodes, and a friction element, which allows for increased stiffness of the height adjustment if required. The adjusting screw also offers a great advantage, as it allows the GTV 2.0 to be precisely adjusted to the weight of the attached control system.