C450 stainless steel control enclosure and GTH easy support arm system as a complete solution

The new C450 stainless steel control enclosure from ROSE Systemtechnik is based on the already successful RMS enclosure series and offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive in-house solutions. Due to the individual processing as well as the different handle variants the control enclosure convinces by its high flexibility.

In combination with the GTH easy support arm system, the C450 control enclosure offers the perfect solution for your individual requirements. The control system is particularly suitable for use in general mechanical and plant engineering with a focus on packaging machines as well as in areas of the food and luxury food industry.

C450 control enclosure made of stainless steel for individual applications

The control enclosure C450 is characterized by a high surface quality and is the optimal control enclosure for your applications due to the high-quality handle variants and the choice of different enclosure sizes. The control enclosure is available both as a door version with hinged cover and with screwed rear wall to provide you with the optimum solution for your application.

For the stability of the control enclosure an amplifier plate is glued in, so that no welding spots are visible from the outside. In addition, the amplifier plate has additional earthing lugs which can be bent up if necessary to provide optional earthing points.

Advantages of the C450 control box:

Simplified support arm system GTH easy in compact design

The suspension system GTH easy made of stainless steel offers a simplified and compact support arm solution compared to its predecessor GTH and is a more cost-effective solution compared to expensive self-built solutions.

“The main objective of the development of a new generation of stainless steel support arm systems was to accommodate the requirements of our customers in a cost-optimized system, which offers an alternative to frequently used do-it-yourself solutions in terms of price, while at the same time offering additional optimizations in terms of cleanability and stability,” says Tobias Büsching, Productmanager for HMI.

The GTH easy is IP 69 tested and was developed especially for the use in particularly demanding or sensitive areas. As with existing systems, ROSE also offers the round tube diameters 48mm and 60mm for the GTH easy. Due to the simple construction of the individual components, the support arm system is characterised by a low assembly effort and has hardly any dead space thanks to the bent stainless steel tube and the edge and gap-free components. By optimizations in the storage the load range of the GTH easy 48 could be increased, whereby the support arm system appears clearly more stable.

Advantages of the suspension system GTH easy: