ROSE Ex enclosures are UKCA certified

The explosion-proof enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik now have the new UKCA certificate, which all products intended for the British market must bear from 2022. This means that the housings can continue to be installed in machines and systems for customers from Great Britain without any problems.

The new UKCA standard

ROSE was one of the first manufacturers in Germany to have its Ex-protected enclosures certified according to the new UKCA standard. The UKCA certificate has been the successor to the European CE mark in England, Scotland and Wales since Great Britain left the EU.

The explosion-proof stainless steel enclosures, aluminium enclosures and polyester enclosures from ROSE with UKCA certificate can now be obtained. Both the assembled enclosures and the empty enclosures of the Ex e, Ex d and Ex i series have been certified, as these enclosure systems are in high demand. In addition to the products, the production facilities also meet the conformity requirements of the UKCA standard.

ATEX becomes UKCA

The requirements of the UKCA certificate currently correspond exactly to those of the CE marking, so that no new product tests were required for UKCA certification. The notified body Eurofins E&E CML has therefore rewritten the existing ATEX certificates for the explosion-proof enclosures from ROSE to the new UKCA standard for Great Britain. All affected housings are now delivered as prescribed with a corresponding marking, an English-language certificate of conformity and operating instructions.