Configurator permits innumerable enclosure variants

The new ROSE Modular System (RMS) means that users can now configure their customised stainless-steel enclosures without any difficulty. The basic structure, consisting of a base and a lid, forms the starting point for innumerable enclosure variants. Plus: standardised production methods assure short delivery times.

ROSE Modular System offers decisive advantages

The RMS is structured around a single base element available in twenty-five size-formats and five depths and permitting more than 40,000 different combinations.

The structure of the enclosure base provides designers with a number of decisive advantages compared to ROSE’s previous stainless-steel industrial enclosures. Fixing brackets that assure flexible positioning of electrical components have been integrated into the base element, for example. Two welding studs additionally fitted also make it possible to attach vertical DIN rails. All in all, the user now has in the enclosure base element the maximum possible space for his or her equipment layout. There is also now maximum flexibility in the positioning of components.

Stainless steel enclosure is characterized by individual designs and easy installation

All enclosures consist of stainless steel 1.4301/304 and are optionally equipped with a screw-fitted or a hinged lid, which can be easily exchanged at any time. Both types feature an M6x16 mm grounding stud and a silicone gasket. Welding studs assure easiest possible flange attachment on all four sides of the enclosure. The new external fixing tabs also make it easy to install these enclosures in “suspended” mode.

ROSE Modular System stainless-steel enclosures will be available in an explosion-proof version in the near future. A Hygienic Design enclosure concept is also currently at the design stage.