ROSE delivers customized enclosure solution in just eight weeks

Ex-protected enclosures by the specialist

The Ex-protected stainless steel enclosures from ROSE Systemtechnik used by BORSIG comply with explosion protection type Ex ia. They are thus intrinsically safe, that is, in normal operation, there are no sparks or thermal effects that could cause the ignition of an explosive atmosphere. In addition, the housings have a double-fault safety: their safety function is retained even if two faults occur.

Special enclosures for urgent ex-projects

For a hasty project in the Middle East, BORSIG ZM Compression needed a special enclosure with flange plate and special paint. The compressor manufacturer wanted to entrust an expert with this challenge and therefore chose ROSE Systemtechnik from Porta Westfalica. The trust paid off: BORSIG got the individually developed solution including approval after just eight weeks.

The compressor specialist has experience in the manufacture of compressors that work well for a long time, even under the most severe conditions. Their knowledge accumulated over generations enables them to design and manufacture any system according to customer requirements. In addition to piston and turbo compressors for process gases in the chemical and petrochemical industry, BORSIG’s products also include compressors for the gas storage and transport of technical gases as well as for the environmental and supply engineering sectors. To ensure its high-quality and safety standards, BORSIG maintains its own engineering departments. The company, therefore, enjoys the trust of customers from the chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Stainless steel enclosures with flange plates for a project in the Middle East

For a project in the Middle East, BORSIG needed a gearbox junction box compressor to handle the electrical connection of all components to the system. When designing the compressor had to be considered some special features: So
On the one hand, the local environmental conditions required the consideration of all ATEX requirements, on the other hand, the customer should be able to customize the inner workings of the compressor housings. The compressors were intended for use in a gas field where the ambient temperature is in the range of -20 to + 40 ° C. BORSIG had designed a stainless steel housing range with screwed covers, flange plates on all four sides, individual mounting rail mounting and ATEX-compliant special paint as protection for the gear unit junction box compressor.

The company contacted ROSE Systemtechnik, specialists in the field of explosion-proof enclosures. The Westphalia then created an offer that convinced BORSIG in terms of technology, costs, and scheduling.

Inexpensive and still high quality

After just eight weeks, ROSE supplied the desired stainless steel housing with four flange plates and the Ex-ia (Intrinsic Safety) certification in various dimensions in the special RAL 5012 (light blue) finish.
Since the housings are universally designed, the different internal structures required by BORSIG could be realized quickly. Among other things, they should be equipped with one or more mounting rails (horizontal or vertical arrangement), shield rails, terminal blocks as well as transmitters and other components. ROSE uses stainless steel nameplates mounted on the cover for the ATEX compliant, captive and permanently visible enclosure identification.
The advantage of the flange plate design chosen by BORSIG lies in the fact that the customer can easily machine the housing and its interior on site: For the assembly of the housing with cable glands for assembly, it only has to loosen the flange plate screws.

BORSIG was very satisfied with the price-performance ratio and the reliable, high-quality execution of the project by ROSE. The company was particularly impressed by the competent, intensive consultation. Due to the positive experiences, the compressor specialists will continue to rely on ROSE Systemtechnik as the housing supplier.