The best enclosure for any task

Whether it’s grinding, drilling or paint finishes: ROSE Systemtechnik machines all standard enclosures precisely to your wishes at its headquarters in Porta Westfalica. Our service also includes equipping with the necessary electronic components.

Customised, reliable enclosure solutions

ROSE supplies its customers with tailor-made, dependable enclosure solutions. The company possesses a high-power supply chain and is optimally equipped to provide its customers with all the products and services they are accustomed to, even in times of pandemic. Together with the Phoenix Mecano group, ROSE operates a number of warehouse locations around the world and can therefore guarantee the easy availability of its products.

Wide range of processing options and services

This enclosure specialist machines and completes both individual units and series that can run into several thousands. The options available are manifold: in the field of machining, we can, for example, use ultra-modern CNC milling systems to perform customised engraving of aluminium and plastic enclosures, with colour differentiation. Laser machining can be used to adjust stainless-steel enclosures optimally to the requirements of the application on the sides, tops and bottoms of the enclosures. The range of services available also includes welding on of external hinges and threaded bolts and the creation of threaded borings, thread cutting and back countersinking of holes.

Surface finishing processes such as glass-bead blasting and grouting are also available, as preparation for the implementation of special customer requirements. In addition to special enclosure finishes, ROSE applies not only powder coatings, but also, as one of only few enclosure producers, wet painting – as is required, for example, in military technology and in shipbuilding. Customers selecting a paint finish can choose between 300 different colour hues and a large range of textures. The high-quality polyester powder assures high protection against ultraviolet radiation and thus long enclosure service-lives under outdoor exposure.

To assure optimum EMC screening, the enclosure surfaces can, if required, be nickel-electroplated.

Individual assemblies complete the offer

In addition to machining and painting, ROSE can also equip your enclosures with electronics, bond in membrane keypads and window panels, perform complete or partial wiring and install round-cord, foam, EMC and silicone seals. If necessary, the enclosures can also be configured as a control cabinet or equipped with the necessary cabling.