Ideal for use in the mining industry – sturdy aluminium enclosures withstand harshest conditions

The mining of potash involves working in extreme environmental conditions which represent major challenges for the machines and equipment which are in use. The technology has to function perfectly even at temperatures higher than 50 degrees Celsius and when dust, spray water and aggressive salts are present. ROSE Systemtechnik’s sturdy, corrosion-resistant enclosures provide sensitive electronics with effective protection against damage.

The aluminium standard enclosures easily withstand difficult conditions such as those found underground, and this is because of the high-quality alloy which is used (in acc. with DIN EN 1706). This alloy has an especially low copper content, which has a very positive effect on the surface quality. “In this way, even without an additional coating our enclosures provide excellent resistance against corrosion in damp or saline conditions,” says Christine Stello, ROSE Systemtechnik’s product manager for industrial enclosures. Even at a depth of 1,450 metres, the highly-durable material prevents damage to the electronics of conveyor systems or communication stations.

All the aluminium enclosures in the standard range comply with protection class IP 66 in acc. with DIN EN 60529, so they are dust-tight and water-tight. They provide impact strength of 10 Joule – based on DIN EN 60068-2-75 – and securely protect the electrical equipment against impact and shock. ROSE carries out all quality tests in the in-house test laboratory. Christine Stello continues, “We are happy to advise our customers if they have questions about higher protection classes, and can carry out individual tests in our laboratories.” The use of different sealing materials means that the enclosures can be used in ambient temperatures of max. – 60°C up to + 130°C.

Flexible enclosure solutions that meet needs

With 42 different enclosure sizes, and dimensions from 45 x 50 x 30 mm to 600 x 600 x 202 mm, the standard product range provides a wide range of options for industrial applications. As Christine Stello says, “Our main goals are to offer our customers system solutions and to help them with the individual design of their product.” In the production facility at the Porta Westfalica site, the enclosures are processed in accordance with specifications and then fitted with electromechanical components or upgraded with special colours or coatings. “Many of our customers take advantage of the wide-ranging options available with our surface technology, plus engraving and screen printing, in order to give their product the appearance which matches their company’s own corporate identity.”

Thanks to their sturdy and secure structure, and the flexibility of design options, ROSE Systemtechnik’s aluminium enclosures are indispensable in almost all sectors of industry. The very good technical characteristics of the enclosures allow use in both dusty production halls and outdoors, where they are permanently exposed to environmental influences. “This is why our customers can be found in classical mechanical engineering, in measuring and data system technology, and in transportation technology. They value us as competent suppliers of safe and secure enclosure solutions for customer-specific requirements,” Christine Stello reports.