ROSE is presenting itself on the net in an integrated and solution-oriented way

It is not only with products and services that ROSE Systemtechnik, the enclosures expert, proves that it is in line with the latest trends. Thanks to the recent relaunch of its website, the company’s online presence is both up-to-date and innovative. The new home page with its attractive design and informative illustrations really stands out, providing visitors with an excellent overview of the enclosure solutions from Porta Westfalica for a very wide range of industrial sectors and applications.

With its new online presence, ROSE Systemtechnik displays everything that the company has to offer. The focus is on the innovative enclosure solutions, the comprehensive skills and know-how, and the many services which the North-Rhine Westphalian company offers. “Above all,” says Florian Buchtmann, ROSE Systemtechnik’s online marketing manager, “our intention is to show who we are and where our core competences lie.” He goes on to explain that in comparison with the previous website, prioritisation has now moved away from the purely product-related catalogue and to a holistic presentation of the ROSE company as an experienced solutions provider of individual, perfectly-assembled enclosure systems. Florian Buchtmann continues: “All this is made clear by means of numerous user reports from industries which use our reference projects.”

The new website is responsive, so it is optimised for use on mobile terminals. Social media such as youtube were incorporated in the website and provided with interesting videos. In addition, visitors are given an optimal overview of industrial solutions, products, services, deadlines, trade fairs, press reports and direct access to the media library. As Florian Buchtmann reports, “We have integrated a lot of new content in our current website. Our aim was to design the company’s digital visiting card to be as informative and meaningful as possible – and we have certainly achieved this with our successful website relaunch at the end of the year.”